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Lacey Brook

Video Production

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - FemaleActor - Female
When you hire a voice talent, you really want someone who sounds like a "gal next door." You don't want to be preached at, scolded, or pushed. Lacey is EVERYTHING in the former, and NOTHING in the latter. She's got… More

Jill Sughrue

Video Production

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - FemaleAssistant DirectorActor - Female
I am an actor and voice actor in Vancouver, WA, with additional experience as a production coordinator for indie films in the Pacific Northwest.  Having spent 30 years as an executive in corporate America in the risk management and sustainability… More

Primary Roles

Voice Talent - FemaleVoice Talent - MultilingualActor - Female
I have traveled the world my whole life. I bring back with me fresh, enthusiastic curiosity and over 30 years of SAG-AFTRA & international on-camera, voiceover & storytelling experience – features, TV/radio commercial, promo, video games, narration, etc. ~North American… More