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Art DirectorEditor
J. Donovan Smith Creative has been in the creative industry 20+ years. We specialize in video marketing but offer graphic design and photography experiences as well. Look, people connect to people – Period. People are looking for you and your… More

Joanne Plana-Anderson

Video Production

Primary Roles

Wardrobe StylistAssistant DirectorArt Director
I have worked as a creative in still photography, digital and video for over 10+ years.  This includes a range of clients from Nike, Timberland, Eddie Bauer to Microsoft and Amazon.  I offer pre-production services as an on-set stylist for… More

Primary Roles

Born during the big shift from traditional media to “always online”, we love to tell stories in new ways. Where others looked for a cure for Vertical Video Syndrome, we embraced it. Trying to satisfy the never-ending hunger for content,… More