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Seattle Camera Crew 2-Person – Seattle Video Production Film Crew

Camera Crew in Seattle, WA
$2750 / day
The rate is based on 10-hour day.

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Primary Roles

ColoristProducerDirector of Photography
"Alexander Groom, a seasoned Video Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, and Colorist, seamlessly combines technical prowess with an unwavering passion for authentic storytelling. His diverse journey encompasses creative endeavors like commercials for major brands, documentary-style narratives, and music videos. Additionally, he excels in corporate video production, crafting compelling customer stories, B2B marketing content, and hype videos. Alex consistently pushes boundaries, capturing pivotal moments and weaving narratives that resonate deeply. Random Tree Productions (RTP), founded by Alexander Groom, embodies his fervor for creating impactful videos. RTP approaches each project with meticulous care, infusing personality and authenticity into every frame. Creativity is their driving force, resulting in exceptional work. Alex also plays a central role as a Video Producer at Element 7 Productions, a Seattle-based corporate video and production agency. His expertise includes editing, production coordination, and mastering projects. He has successfully delivered high-profile work for both large and small companies in the region."
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