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Hello, my name is Artem and I’m a film editor.

This is my showreel:

I started editing professionally in 2018, when I started working at production. For several years I have been working in different genres: music videos, advertising, documentary and movies. Since 2020 I have started working independently and mostly in movie sphere. In 2021 I took part in editing the Netflix original series – «Nothing special», which will be released at the end of the year.

I am an actor by training, but I have been doing screenwriting and directing for the last few years. My screenwriting portfolio includes a full-length film  and a pilot series. As a director, I have shot several commercials and music videos, and I also directed videos for «Episode 2020» music festival in Vietnam. Considering the situation in the world, I have decided to leave the country and find a job in my specialty abroad.

Here are some of my favorite works in different directions, you can also check it on my page:

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Thank you for watching!

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