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CineDrones is much more than a team of operators. We’ve proudly assembled a team of veteran cinematographers (Local 600), professional pilots, cam ops, and technicians. That means we have the creative experience to collaborate with you to developing stunning shot design, that elevates your story. We know how to interpret a DPs signature look into beautiful aerials. Directors get multiple shot options for the edit each time they fly with us. Our support staff is here to smoothly coordinate camera packages, night flying permits, and worldwide airport permissions for your production. This is why our friends and clients look to us for reliable, precise, and passionate film making.

When we began drone work 8 years ago in Hollywood, we knew Directors and DPs were excited to take their cameras and storytelling to the skies. Since then, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering above and beyond what they expect.

We love hearing video village gasp during our flights and watching our clients jaw drop after reviewing our aerial shots, and we get fired up after delivering cinema gold.
Now we are closer to our clients and able to respond quickly to meetings and last minute shoot requests our teams are ready to fly at a moments notice in and around Southern California .

Camera Operators in Atlanta, GA

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