I have 5 years experience. I am a cinematographer and Editor everything on my website I shot and edited myself. I edit very quickly and have a great turn around time that is better than most. I am really innovative and can accomplish complex ideas and visuals with very little tools or camera supplies and accessories which has made me a great person for projects that are run and gun or thorough in detail projects. I can make a $500 budget shoot look like we had a $5,000 budget. Quality is very important to me. 


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Primary Roles
  • Camera Operator
  • Production Assistant
  • Editor


  • Sony FS5
  • Canon Lenses
Camera Support
  • DJI Ronin
  • Handheld Gimbal
  • Monitor
  • Slider
  • Steadicam
  • Tripod
  • Boom Mic
  • Handheld Wireless/Wired Mic
  • Wireless Lavelier Kit


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