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I am from San Antonio, Texas. But I have lived in a variety of places: Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Arizona , California, New York, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

My professional life grew from my first job as a Technical Writer/Desktop Analyst in New York City in 1994. As a side interest I picked up filmmaking skills and started editing short films and working as a pro bono camera operator. I transitioned to videography in 2003, then moved abroad. Based in Asia I lived the dream of traveling to and working in amazing places ( the Andaman Sea, Tashkurgon, the Atacama desert, the Ho Chi Minh trail, Borneo, the Namib desert, to name a few). At first I did general videography for business, corporate, and politics, but eventually began specializing in research expeditions. I also worked as cameraman for US Media Television, VICE NEWS, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and the BBC. I also shot and edited documentaries for charities  (Operation Smile), NGOs (Village Focus International), desert ultra marathons  (RacingThePlanet), and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific.

After thirteen years abroad I moved back to the US . I continue to work as a videographer, but now with an expanded skillset which includes UX Design and UX Research Ops.

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