Chicago Camera Crew and Video Production Services

I am a DP, Camera Operator, and Colorist in Chicago. I’ve worked on shorts, feature films, TV productions, and numerous commercial productions. My passion and skill set is in the image management pipeline from beginning to end. I thrive in environments where I can help execute a comprehensive and well-thought-out workflow, whether I’m working on set to achieve exposures that take into account the subsequent steps of the dailies/color grading pipeline, or as a Colorist creating dailies or bringing together the creative photographic decisions into a cohesive and finely tuned finished product. My formal education is in philosophy and literary theory, and all of my work is done out of a passion for the art of story telling and a belief that telling powerful stories is some of the most important work we can do. My background in large-format darkroom photography led to a love for and understanding of the modern digital workflow and the image management potential it has if used thoughtfully and consistently. I am willing to travel, and I own the following equipment,

Camera and lenses:

Sony FS7, adapters for Canon and Nikon, Sigma 18-35mm, Rokinon 50mm cinema prime, Rokinon 80mm cinema prime.

Rigging and support:

Zacuto rig for FS7, including Gratical HD EVF, Z-drive follow focus; SmallHD 502 on camera monitor

Kessler Stealth (40”) slider and Second Shooter 3-axis motion control system.

2 x Miller Solor Tripods and 1 x Kessler K-Pod with Hercules 2.0 head, for supporting jibs and other large setups.

Flanders Scientific CM171 reference monitor kept in calibration for accurate monitoring.


Arri Fresnel 650, Arrilite 750 with large chimera box. One C stand and some small light stands. A few grip odds and ends.

Color grading system:

Davinci Resolve PC fully equipped for real-time grading with full 10bit reference monitoring and 6 TB of fast storage

Avid Artist Color control surface

Flanders Scientific CM171 reference monitor, kept in calibration for accurate monitoring

Ideal Lume color balanced bias lighting to maintain industry standard viewing environment



Primary Roles
  • Camera Operator
  • Production Assistant


  • Blackmagic
  • Sony
  • Sony FS700
Grip & Lighting
  • Small Light Kit
Camera Support
  • Monitor
  • Slider
  • Tripod
  • Boom Mic
  • Portable Multi-Channel Mixer & Recorder


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