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A broadcast seasoned Director and DP/Owner/Operator, with several HD camera packages, I am a lighting cinematographer with audio and grip packages as well.  Sony 4K trained (Culver City CA) and HD-certified, I am a master Colorist and DIT, and can make pictures come to life and cameras stand up and dance.

With primarily a broadcast television clientele, I prefer shooting with Sony F-series (F55/5/3 and FS7/5) 35mm digital cinema cameras with PL mount lenses, 4:4:4 RGB S-Log, 10-bit 4:2:2 recorder, and full support (matte box, follow focus, HD-SDI monitoring, Sachtler tripods, etc.) recording in RAW, ProRes, QuickTime or SxS (XDCamEX) formats.  I am also adept and comfortable with Red Digital, Canon C300/500 and DSLR cinema cameras.

My audio package includes Sennheiser shotgun, wireless and lavalier mics in addition to Sonotrims (the “Mercedes” of Trams), PZMs, AKG& EV “stick” mics, mixers, digital recorders, and more.

Lighting package consists of fresnels, LEDs, C-stands, silks, nets, flags, green screen, complimented by a grip & electric package.

The credits hereunder are a smattering of my work, demonstrating my versatility. I have a depth and breadth of professional experience that will serve you well. Samples of my work can be found online at, although most of my recent projects are under an NDA (Travel, AMC, NatGeo), yet released, or unavailable online.  Some of my best work, The History of NASCAR (Speed), The Making of the Mobs 2 (AMC), Life on Tour (Travel), and several documentaries in progress, have yet to be released.

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