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I am originally from Columbus, Ohio where I began my creative endeavors in professional photography. I started my Instagram account @leahhmedia right before my senior year of high school as my hub for publishing, outreach, and growth of my business and was able to accumulate a significant following within just a couple of months. My most popular commission was for senior/graduate portraits, though I also did a lot of sports photography and family photos around the holidays. Before this, I established my experience recreationally in various nature, landscape, and portrait photography. While I work now lies more in film, my still photography career remains active, having been commissioned for professional headshots, graduate photos, and behind-the-scenes photography for film sets.

In 2022, I moved to California to attend the University of California, Santa Barbara. I began as a political science major, but switched to a double major in Film & Media Studies and Communication where I have begun my career in the film & entertainment industry. I joined Delta Kappa Alpha, UCSB’s Professional Cinematic Society, which allowed me to work as a crew member on eight student film sets within my first year of college. I worked in a variety of roles in production design, graphic design, sound operation, and more. I have since expanded my experience to focus on cinematography, directing, and writing, even working on professional sets beyond student films, such as commercials and music videos. This past year I wrote, directed, and produced my first short film, Between Here And Home, which won Best Actress at the 2024 Reel Loud Film Festival.

I currently work as a Creative Development Intern for Landport Productions, actively collaborating on work for the company as well as fulfilling independent tasks for client projects, such as graphic designing, video editing, and assisting in on-set production. I continue to work freelance as a photographer and videographer while pursuing projects as a writer, cinematographer, or editor.

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