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Portland Camera Crew and Video Production Services

I am a freelance videographer and editor, always looking to pick up extra gigs. I have done contract work for Ruptly (international news distributor), VidMax (viral video website), Valoso (international event production company), local area small businesses, political candidates, weddings, corporate events, product demonstrations, fundraising campaigns, non profit organizations, and more.

After spending 13 years doing live sound and concert production, I put an emphasis on capturing good audio, and I am pretty flexible and easy going on how to approach each gig. I am available to mix live events, though an injury prevents me from doing much lifting. Also available as dedicated sound recordist and/or boom op.

I am professional in demeanor, can dress up or down depending on the gig, know how to stay unnoticed and out of the way or very noticed and in the way if the shot requires it. I have reliable transportation and I don’t smoke anything or drink alcohol. Catch on very quickly to new equipment, so if you have specific gear that you want me to use, I can probably hop right on it and get the gist of it within 5-15 minutes.

Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, and iMovie. Which one I use depends on the scope of each project and client’s requirements uptownjungle.com. I’ve taken semi formal classes in Premiere and DaVinci. Available as dedicated editor for projects that have already been filmed.

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