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My name’s Reema Bhagchandani, I’ve been a content specialist for over 13 years. I’ve worked across media, across formats, across channels – from working the brass tacks in the field of production to singularly handling some of the highest viewed, most diverse, interactive, cutting-edge shows on Indian television in the capacity of a Show Runner/Creative Director.

Over the last 13 years, I have worked across 45 television formats (both Scripted and Unscripted), delivering performance-driven leadership, providing creative guidance and direction to new shows, helping them bloom into successful formats, as well as spearheading creative pitches to build branded properties for investors. In my past positions, I have also worked with diverse populations and encouraged the success of a cross-cultural environment. Amidst all of this, I have been fortunate enough to have my organizations place their faith in me, allow me to start new creative journeys and ventures within the same organization itself, and encourage me to hold true to my creative vision till it bears fruit. The faith in my organizations has won me multiples awards and accolades – “Best Team Leader Award” in 2015, “Doubled viewership through groundbreaking Programming” in 2016, “Superhit team award” in 2017, “Best team Award” in 2017, “Best team leader award for the show Hustle” 2019, “Innovative Programming during lockdown award” in 2020, “Best Team Award” in 2020 – to name a few. This process of constant reinvention has allowed me to take a more exhaustive view at the needs of content creation
With the world of content poised to take the next big leap in the field of tech-driven, immersive storytelling, I find myself at a juncture where I can successfully combine the knowledge and resources that I have gathered over my career, and bring with it a sense of renewed zest and curiosity about the possibilities that your organization can bring to this field, which would define possibly the future of where content is headed in the next decade or so. . It is my hope that because of my background I will be able to bring fresh experiences and viewpoints while simultaneously promoting the inclusion of those different from mine. I’ve always tried to push the envelope as far as my creative vision is concerned, and I believe this nature of mine will allow me to create and curate a brave new world of content within the ambit of your organization.

I am now based in Irvine, California, pursuing an MBA. Looking to make a creative impact here in the US.

Reema Bhagchandani
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