My name is Romane. I am an international business student simultaneously pursuing studies at the Kedge Business School in Paris, France and at the Corvinus University of Budapest where I am completing a double degree. I will graduate with both a BA and Masters in International Business in 2021. This 5-year program requires me to intern in three countries, which is why I am contacting you.

Since January 2019, I have been interning at “Culture Infusion” in Melbourne, Australia where I work with a 12-member team of professionals. This company is specialized in cultural understanding and Education and my primary responsibilities there include communicating with the client and the artist prior to the event. Once on the set, I help the artists to set up, time the on and off the stage and take some pictures. After the event, I do a bit of photo retouching and collect feedback for our social media page. I am also working on developing engagement, marketing, client empowerment strategies, and researching business opportunities on an international level.

My past work experience and education has allowed me to refine my skills in communication, be it in French or in English. I have a strong sense of commitment to any project and task I set my mind to; according to managers, staff, and university colleagues, I tend to be highly flexible, organized and detail oriented and adapt well to new situations. I work well in fast-paced environments and enjoy the challenges associated with the organization and development of all types of important events.

For those reasons, San Francisco is a choice city for my next internship and Blare Media caught my eye in particular because of the aesthetic, stylish and artistic perception that you seem to have while working. I would enjoy an opportunity to speak with you more in-depth about my qualifications and how I could be a productive addition to Blare Media.

If you need a production intern from September to December or mid-January please let me know.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards,



Primary Roles
  • Production Assistant



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