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I have always been passionate about creating, no matter what form that creation came I always enjoyed making art. However I eventually found a passion in story telling starting in animation. While pursuing my degree, I was able to experience many different avenues and genres of animation including 2D, 3D, stop-motion, rotoscoping, and other experimental techniques. Through creating animated shorts I was able to find my love for editing. Luckily I had a lot of opportunities to travel and was able to try my hand at Videography giving me even more opportunities to test my editing skills. I have primarily learned videography with DSLRs, using cameras like Sony A7 DSLRs I have been able to learn color grading (in Premiere Pro) using Slogs as well as editing 4K video with proxies to speed up workflow. I would love the opportunity to learn even more and start to learn the ins and outs of a set, from ACing to Directing and everything in between. As cliche as it sounds I am a quick learner and a hard worker and would love the opportunity to come learn with you guys. I can honestly say that I enjoy every aspect and part of the creative process, and I feel that this makes me a great team player.  I’m never afraid to try something new, and love to help out whenever and wherever there is a need.

While working at Psyop Productions as a Production Assistant, I was able to see first hand how the production process works.  I was able to learn from the artists and creators around me how to take a concept from preproduction all the way through to post production. Working at Psyop helped me to hone my administrative and organizational skills, assisting multiple Producers at once and attending to other office needs.  After expressing interest in more hands-on creative work, I was also given the opportunity to do some editing work for a few projects. This gave me an even closer insight into the production pipeline, and taught me how to take constructive feedback, as well as balance deadlines. I learned so much from my time at Psyop, and can’t wait to translate the skills I learned to my next position.

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