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San Jose Video Production Services:

We are on a mission to unite Technology, Government, and the Public when it comes to Data Acquisition. By scaling across horizontals our Film Professionals work directly with Engineers in an effort to qualify government procedures while maintaining the peace for public society.

​The name Mute Specter comes from our ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ appeal. We hunt down valuable information, entering and leaving environments without disturbance in order to maintain positive relations.

When investors, executives, and machine learning teams come together, they find a partner in Mute Specter who is on-call with them for years to come. We conquer information together, leading to highly developed AI machines.
​OUR SOLUTIONS: We look into all the issues surrounding data acquisition providing solutions like regulation, collection techniques, and tools for deployment.
Solving Privacy Issues
Solving Machine Learning
Solving Data Management

What you will find is a team that represents data acquisition for all parties invested in technology. Our data solutions allow your team to build AI solutions.

OUR QUALITY: When machine actions require meaningful information we locate exact inputs leading to tactical performance.
Overcoming the risks of filming in environments.
Supplying advanced tools for valuable data.
Confronting technical issues to get results.

When your engineers are busy working on the science of innovation, you will find our professional teams meeting them every step of the way. Even after a project is completed you will find the effects of our work lasting for years to come inside storage, data retention, and machine actions.

OUR GOAL: Is to be there when our clients develop revolutionary AI products. We represent the soul of their machines and take responsibility for guarding the public interest while advancing our resources to help others.

​Like a school trains employees, we want you focusing on AI while we focus on the data.

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