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Tapas Localization, a multi-language media content localization agency with global representation.

We have a wonderful pool of seasoned subtitlers from English into 11 languages including (alphabetically) Arabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, European Portuguese, German, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Ukrainian – and we keep on expanding our language base exponentially.

All of our translators represent their languages locally, and so do almost all of our project managers; this is one of our ways to ensure that the quality of our subtitles is top-notch.

With our services, you and your clients will multiply your viewership all over the world without fear of the language barrier.

The following are the main services we can offer you:

1 Localization
All of our translators are local to their languages and cultures. Rest assured we will take all of the culture-specific elements in your media content into account, and render them accordingly in the target language of your choice.

2 Transcription
If you only have a video file at the ready, our native-speaking transcriptionists will prepare dialogue lists for videos of any length and any linguistic complexity.

3 Time-coding
Our team can add timecode to your script, and we can do it spot-on to match both the start and end time of every phrase.

4 Subtitling
You come to us knowing that your video comes with the perfect text. We know that too. Rest assured we will convey the text of your video in the same if not better manner in the target language.

5 Quality Control
Quality is what matters most at Tapas. We will bring your target language text into compliance with any style guide of your choice while making sure no mistake of any kind makes it past our attention.

6 Raw video material translation
Tête à tête with hours of video you have just filmed in a foreign country in a foreign language? Don’t know what to start editing with? No worries, we will turn it all into faithful subtitles in the target language of your choice.

7 Movie script translation
Getting ready for that one pitch, and your script needs to get translated ASAP? We’ve got you covered. With our sense-for-sense translation and preserved formatting, you will make just the impression you’re after on the target audience.

8 Lip-sync ready translation
We can translate your movie in a completely lip-sync ready fashion so that the lip movements of the dubbing artists are right there in sync with those of the actors on the screen.

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