I am a veteran voice actor and audio producer with a full-service professional studio.  I can add and mix in music and other audio elements as I have a large royalty free audio library.

I’ve brought content to life for clients in over 50 countries including major brands such as: Sprite, Rockstar Games, AT&T, General Mills, Jiffy Lube, United Airlines, American Express, Amstel etc.

But I also help small businesses, radio and television stations, e-Learning developers, podcasters, YouTubers, app and game developers, video production companies, film makers, production houses, non-profits, agencies and more.

1 hour turnarounds and broadcast ready audio is a regular part of my day to day operations for my clients.

Audio Portfolio

My Commercial Demo Voice Ove…

Commercial - VO - Tampa, FL

As a voice over talent with clients all over the world, it is vital to have proper demo reels. This… View the Video

Public Service Announcement …

Commercial - VO - Tampa, FL

When the pandemic caused so many businesses to falter, I took it upon my self to donate my services to… View the Video

BTS: Character Voice Design

Movies & Film - VO - Tampa, FL

Some of my clients not only have me voice characters for animation projects, but they also hire me to create… View the Video

Voice and Music Mix for Medi…

Commercial - Music - Tampa, FL

This is a video teaser for a mediation app that I have done work for. I provided the voice and… View the Video

Parrot Bay Game

Commercial - VO - Tampa, FL

This is a new casino gaming app and I was cast to voice all the Pirate voices for the game… View the Video


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Male
  • Post Audio Mixer
  • Actor - Male
Secondary Roles
  • Producer
  • Writer



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Ian Kleinfeld

Dee Alvis is a phenomenal voice talent with a wide range.

10 months ago

In a world where we're all trying to stand out and distinguish ourselves from the next "best" voice talent, choose the Tattoo! Dee has a great sound with a SUPER nice grit...pretty sure he eats gravel for breakfast. Dee's got a sweet name that belies a gritty substance which I love - and will NEVER have. Dee is one of a kind.

10 months ago