I am a veteran voice actor and audio producer with a full-service professional studio.  I can add and mix in music and other audio elements as I have a large royalty free audio library.

I’ve brought content to life for clients in over 50 countries including major brands such as: Sprite, Rockstar Games, AT&T, General Mills, Jiffy Lube, United Airlines, American Express, Amstel etc.

But I also help small businesses, radio and television stations, e-Learning developers, podcasters, YouTubers, app and game developers, video production companies, film makers, production houses, non-profits, agencies and more.

1 hour turnarounds and broadcast ready audio is a regular part of my day to day operations for my clients.


My Commercial Demo Voice Ove…

Demo Reels - Tampa, FL

As a voice over talent with clients all over the world, it is vital to have proper demo reels. This… View the Video

Public Service Announcement …

Commercial - Tampa, FL

When the pandemic caused so many businesses to falter, I took it upon my self to donate my services to… View the Video

BTS: Character Voice Design

Movies & Film - Tampa, FL

Some of my clients not only have me voice characters for animation projects, but they also hire me to create… View the Video

Voice and Music Mix for Medi…

Product Videos - Tampa, FL

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Parrot Bay Game

Commercial - Tampa, FL

This is a new casino gaming app and I was cast to voice all the Pirate voices for the game… View the Video


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Male
  • Post Audio Mixer
  • Actor - Male
Secondary Roles
  • Producer
  • Writer



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  1. jeff@jeffreynbaker.com
    [email protected]

    Dee brings everything and doesn’t leave anything on the table. A master at his craft with a voiceprint that is as unique as he is. Don’t pass on hiring him.

    Until the bug is fixed that will let me choose a star rating, 5/5!

  2. seattlevoiceoverartist

    In a world where we’re all trying to stand out and distinguish ourselves from the next “best” voice talent, choose the Tattoo! Dee has a great sound with a SUPER nice grit…pretty sure he eats gravel for breakfast. Dee’s got a sweet name that belies a gritty substance which I love – and will NEVER have. Dee is one of a kind.