Jada Windows Stop Motion: Branding Video

North Yuke, LLC  Sacramento, CA / Product

This short video was completed with a skeletal crew and limited budget. We were able to set the product hero in an undeveloped warehouse that was to become the client’s paint booth. This high-end client creates elegant custom windows and doors for their exclusive, A-list customers. It had to be done right. We were able to quickly and affordably pull the shoot and postproduction together in time to release this new product display model.

The Story:
When the company’s founder was just starting out in the window and door business, he built a demo unit in the back of a 1985 chevy dually and drove office to office throughout California to display his craftsmanship to architects and designers. Now, 35 years later as businesses are being crushed by the pandemic, Beyer has done it again. Except today, his exclusive steel windows and doors are the heroes in two new web videos.

Award-winning Grass Valley filmmaker, Lou Douros has established a set of production protocols to work at a safe distance and with minimal crew. His team converted an empty Jada warehouse into a temporary studio in order to do extensive filming for a stop-motion video.

The truck has now traveled extensively in California and throughout the west. Its unique form, and the undeniable beauty of the Jada Windows’ products inspire the conversation everywhere they travel. The idea of a safe teaching environment delivered to the customers door step, has been realized…

“We tailor our products to the design visions of our clients,” said Beyer.
“Lou is both artistic and strategic, the videos are beautiful and playful, and this reflects our approach to our craft. When customers see the videos, they want us to stop by to experience it for themselves. What more could you ask for?”

Director of Photography: John Northrup