John Benneche Jr. Reel

John Benneche  San Francisco, CA / Music

This is my Music Video Reel. I worked with various artist in 2019 and 2020. Such a great experience. To build relationships with talented artist. It is a blessing to be around artist with such creativity. The energy it creates only fuels more of that creativity into the process and the drive to go get it.

Just a story on one of the videos : We had no budget, just gas money and the outfit. We drove to Death Valley from Sacramento. We got there at 3 in the morning. Had no place to sleep so we slept in the car right near the sand dunes. Pitch black, couldn’t see anything. Woke up at 5:30 and got out there. By noon it was 105 degrees. We drove around Death Valley and got the rest of our shots. We left around 9pm. Got to about the top of the mountains, before we had to pull over and go to sleep. Pitch black again in the middle of nowhere. Wake up and drive up 395 to Tahoe, one of the best highways I ever been on. So beautiful. Got our last shots in Tahoe and wrapped up the video. Not the most ideal scenario for a shoot. But when your chasing a dream you have to go get it by any means.