Relevance in Action – Coveo Demo

Gorilla Creative  San Francisco, CA / Product

Coveo is the market leader in enabling enterprise customers to provide relevant digital experiences for customers at scale, all powered by AI. They challenged us to create a video to demonstrate the value of Coveo for both enterprise customers, and the end consumer.

We gathered the stakeholders and subject matter experts from Coveo to outline the major story beats. After discovering that Coveo’s sales team had an existing demo built around a fictitious fitness brand, we decided we could use this story as a springboard for the new demo video. All that was left was filling in the details and forming a narrative arc for the video.

Armed with a clear outline, major story beats, and detailed notes, our writers could start writing the script and pre production could begin.

Pre production included casting, location scouting and permitting, designing graphics for a website experience that needed to be filmed, story boarding, wardrobe styling, and production design.

We carefully selected locations within close proximity, allowing us to film the entire video in a single day. Our crew was large enough to maintain a high production quality, but small enough to move quickly between scenes and locations, including a spacious park for the running sequences.

In addition to editing the narrative scenes that we filmed, an important step during post production was animating the website and motion graphics to help illustrate how Coveo’s AI-powered tools personalize the experience for end users during the pre-sales, sales, and support process. To save money on production, we leveraged stock footage for the few shots of a customer service agent that we needed to complete the story.

The completed video was used in Coveo’s IPO roadshow video and as a standalone asset for their sales and marketing teams.