Stand In That River: Branding Video

North Yuke, LLC  Sacramento, CA / Product Videos

This was a bit of a dream project. Nevada Irrigation District gave me a lot of freedom as a filmmaker to reflect what I see as their very important role as stewards of moving and protecting water for customers in Nevada and Placer counties. NID is the second largest water district in our state. That’s saying a lot – California has a lot of water needs. This little film was a collaboration with renowned artist Moira Smiley, as she composed and arranged the music. I fell for the a cappella music the first time I heard the piece, as it reflects Nevada County’s historical vocal traditions that came here with the Cornish hard rock miners during the gold rush. Water was most important then as it is now, maybe more so as it was the engine that moved our gold throughout the world. Then, as now, responsible water management defined our future. Drinking, Irrigation, recreation water, fire suppression, and hydroelectricity matter to us all. The goal is to not repeat the mistakes of the past and improve on our best practices. NID’s management of ancient canals and ditches and 238,000 acres of land is an impressive challenge. May they continue to be conscientious neighbors as they fill this unenviable role of keeping everyone happy. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my photography and editing along with Moira Smiley’s soon-to-be released music “Stand In That River”.

“Stand in That River” composed and arranged by Moira Smiley. ASCAP.

(Additional camera work: Larry Huntington).