The Ocean Foundation

Altered State Productions  Las Vegas, NV / Short Film

Ever dreamed of soaring above the ocean? Our work is proud to benefit marine conservation, from ocean literacy to protecting species and conserving habitats.  With a  focus on conservation storytelling, our dedicated project to the Ocean Foundations’ initiative allowed us to deliver a powerful and visually stunning multimedia production highlighting the importance of protecting our oceans and their diverse marine life. The project features footage above the water’s surface, with breathtaking aerial drone videography, including aerial shots of ocean landscapes and close-up footage of aquatic pools. Compelling storytelling allows us to educate viewers about the urgent need for ocean conservation and inspire them to take action. The project will be completed in 2024 and will be tailored to a broad audience that can be used in various media platforms such as social media, websites, and documentaries. The goal is to raise awareness and inspire change through the power of storytelling and visual storytelling. “We are the last generation that can save the oceans, and we are the first generation that must learn to live without them.” – Sylvia Earle