Aurora Restoration Project – 4K

Johnston Communications  Stockton, CA / Documentary

This particular project is an introduction to the restoration of the MV Aurora. An historic 300 foot Cruise Ship that was the first large vessel Germany was allowed to build after WW2. It ended up in Little Potato Slough in the San Joaquin Delta near Stockton, Ca. It was shot over a period of a few days in 4K with an Autel EVO and a Sony FDRAX100 with a 1″sensor that I rigged with a rail system and matte box. The idea was to shoot with the least intrusive gear I had available. It was edited over a 3 week period and the San Francisco Chronicle used excerpts of the footage in a digital article they produced. It is best viewed in 4K but the 1080 version is decent as well. Once you click through to my YouTube Channel you will find Various video projects, drone footage, corporate video, multi-camera music production, explainer videos, television spots for broadcast, documentaries etc.