A New Age for Creative Video Shopping

Posted on: February 10, 2024

A New Age for Creative Video Shopping

Altered State Productions Introduces E-commerce Store

A New Age for Creative Video Shopping: Altered State Productions Introduces E-commerce Store

Introducing an innovative online hub for ready-to-use creative services, a leading agency opens its Service-as-a-Product model platform that offers businesses an intuitive, transparent, and convenient way to build custom campaigns, impressively serving high-profile clients such as New York Fashion Week and Samsung.

Branding Powerhouse Goes Digital

Exciting news is brewing in the media and e-commerce industries. Altered State Productions, one of the top Dallas marketing agencies, is making waves with its groundbreaking Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) model. This small team of experienced creatives has been recognized for their expertise and talent. With services starting as low as $50, shopping for marketing solutions from your phone is a go-to for brands like New York Fashion Week, Dallas Blends, Samsung, Welks Resorts, Valyо̄u Furniture, and more

Altered State Productions burst onto the scene with its bold and daring approach to branding, boasting a creative flair that set them apart from the competition.

As a millenial social creative agency, their proficiency in crafting captivating video ads has swiftly positioned them as one of the industry’s leading powerhouses.  Along with their connections through their marketing affiliate program, it only strengthened their position in boosting online sales and media placement for their partners and clients.

And the team’s reputation continues to soar, thanks to their impressive track record of building brand equity for high-profile clients. From New York Fashion Week to Samsung, Dallas Blends to Valyou Furniture, Altered State Productions has consistently delivered cutting-edge media services.  The edgy team consisting of producers, technicians, and artists showcases an attention-grabbing portfolio alongside their award-winning marketing strategies, which has propelled growth and demand for their highly sought-after services. In an impressive display of creative prowess, the video production company is rapidly expanding and cementing its well-earned reputation as an industry leader, leveraging its exceptional expertise and talent to dominate the market and continue its upward trajectory with no signs of slowing down.

A Site for Creative Sights

In a transformative move set to redefine the creative services landscape, Altered State Productions co-founders,  Hebert Huerta andEddie Castillo, decided to challenge the status quo of the marketing industry, which was overly reliant on traditional discovery calls, proposals, and quote models. Driven by a vision to simplify and modernize the way businesses engage with creative services, they created a platform with the same intuitive interface and ease of use as adding items to an Amazon Wishlist. This innovative approach allows businesses to build their dream campaigns with a few taps on their screens.

The platform, designed to cater to the evolving needs of the digital age, offers a rich exploration of media and content projects. Its user-centric design and simplified navigation make it stand out as the most intuitive platform in the market today. The SaaP model at its core emulates the ease and convenience of popular service platforms like “Uber Eats”. The platform presents an extensive array of artists’ portfolios, offering diverse styles, themes, and creative concepts that can be tailored to meet individual brand aesthetics and campaign objectives.

In keeping with the spirit of e-commerce and the ethos of the ‘social circle’ group mentality, the platform also offers a rewards program. This incentive scheme not only enhances customer retention but also adds an exciting dimension to the shopping experience. Each purchase brings rewards, promoting a sense of achievement within the social circle and encouraging continued patronage.

Furthermore, the platform boasts flexible payment options, including the increasingly popular “Pay in 4” program by PayPal, accommodating varying budget capacities and payment preferences of different businesses.

Clear Costs, Clear Delivery

Leveraging its digital agency experience, Altered State Productions is revolutionizing the industry with its SaaP model. By streamlining the process of procuring creative services and crafting marketing campaigns, they are effectively resetting the bar in the creative service acquisition domain. This puts choice, convenience, and control back in the hands of businesses, setting a new industry standard backed by their deep digital agency know-how.”

Say goodbye to the uncertainties and hidden fees of the past. Altered State Productions offers refreshing transparency and convenience, enabling businesses and brands to browse services intuitively and with full knowledge of what they’re investing in. The Marketing Shop displays crucial information such as price, duration, work scope, and projected ROI – a strategic shift that Co-founder, Hebert Huerta, firmly believes will transform the industry.

“In today’s on-demand world, traditional methods like discovery calls, proposals, and quotes are rapidly becoming obsolete,” says Huerta. “We’re pivoting to a model that emphasizes affordability, guarantees results, and prioritizes speed – exactly the formula that today’s CEOs and CMOs are seeking.”

Cart to Campaign. Shop Your Vision.

With the introduction of their innovative marketing e-commerce store, Altered State Productions is taking a bold leap forward.  It’s an invitation to a future where a business shopping for a video commercial, has the ability to selectively add various parts of the creative production stages – like influencer appearances, drone shots, or specific color grading – directly into a shopping cart.

Each business has the autonomy to curate their campaign, precisely tailored to their unique needs and visions. This innovative approach transcends standard service provision. It’s about empowering clients with a shopping experience unparalleled in its customization and personalization. In response to the escalating demand for their sought-after services, Altered State Productions’ bold move promises to scale their operations and put their capabilities in the spotlight.

The anticipation around their future endeavours is nothing short of electrifying.

About the Shop

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