Above The Line Crew: The Four Essential Creatives For Video Marketing Productions

Posted on: May 23, 2023

Above The Line Crew: The Four Essential Creatives For Video Marketing Productions

Above The Line Crew: The Four Essential Creatives For Video Marketing Productions

It’s undeniable that video marketing productions are in high demand. ColoradoBiz explains that 87% of businesses are investing in video marketing productions because more consumers watch clips to decide on their purchases and learn about products and services. As an added bonus, 93% of marketers also say they gain new customers due to marketing videos.

However, businesses can only gain these results if their videos offer value and quality to their target consumers. So if you want to have a successful video marketing campaign for your business, here are the four essential creatives that you need throughout the production process:


The producer is one of the Above The Line members in films and video marketing projects because they manage the business details from the pre-production to the post-production process. Our article entitled ‘How Much Does a Corporate Video Cost?’ highlights that producers need to be paid well because they are in charge of keeping the project on track. These professionals will constantly communicate with businesses to ensure that the crew and the talents can efficiently meet the client’s needs. The producers will also handle the finances and logistical planning for the project, so they’re expected to be proficient in management, budgeting, and planning.

Creative Director

While the producer handles the business aspect, the director is in charge of handling creative decisions in the production process. The job description for a creative director on LHH shows that these professionals set the video content goals, develop creative guidelines, and plan the development of these advertisements. After preparing for the video production, these professionals will lead the crew in filming the advertisement to ensure that the video will align with the artistic guidelines and goals. This is not an easy role to play, which is why it’s expected that these professionals have excellent leadership, communication, and marketing skills.


One of the professionals that work closely with creative directors is the screenwriter. BLS highlights that the duties of screenwriters include creating original stories, characters, and dialogues that will make the production valuable and entertaining to the audience. These writers must have strong communication and research skills because they need to conduct research about the interests of the target audience and create scripts for the video advertisements. The screenplay can also heavily affect the direction of the project, which is why writers must present these scripts to the creative director and client to ensure that the content is aligned with the objectives of the production itself.

Principal Actors

Principal actors are important in video marketing productions because they can capture your audience’s attention and connect with their emotions as viewers. In fact, Business.com highlights that you can build the intimacy of the video marketing campaign and earn the trust of viewers who resonate with the screenplay of your content through the right principal actors. You can use customers and employees as your principal actors to show what goes behind the scenes, or partner with brand ambassadors who are viewed as an expert in your industry. However, hiring an experienced actor is more beneficial if you want your audience to feel connected and entertained with your video content.

Your Above the Line Crew will significantly affect the creative direction of your video marketing production. As such, you need to hire professionals with the right qualifications to ensure your video advertisements can help you earn new customers and increase your sales.