“Excel Through The Ages”

Posted on: August 4, 2023

“Excel Through The Ages”

Hook, Line and Sinker: Creating a Compelling Hook For An Unpopular Product

My Ancestors Invented Spreadsheets (Sort Of)

I come from a long line of accountants. Well, not exactly accountants, but my Assyrian ancestors did invent writing back in ancient Mesopotamia. And they used it for bookkeeping on stone tablets. So in a way, you could say bookkeeping is in my blood!

Fast forward a few thousand years. My client Chris Haroun had a new course to promote – Microsoft Excel. “We need something big to grab people’s attention,” he said. “Excel is useful, but it doesn’t exactly scream excitement.”

He was right. Spreadsheets often get a yawn as a response. But I saw an opportunity to showcase their fascinating history in a creative way.

I pitched Chris an idea: let’s take viewers on a journey through time, following the evolution of bookkeeping from ancient tablets to medieval parchment paper to modern spreadsheets. He loved the concept but realized it would be pricey to produce.

After suggesting some other options, Chris came back to the time travel idea. He believed in the vision and greenlit the project. I was thrilled to bring this imaginative story to life!

My talented team and I shot it cinematically in 6K using high-end gear. I storyboarded each scene to capture the visual adventure. For post-production, we implemented a strategic social media rollout with teasers leading up to the full ad premiere.

And, to generate a buzz leading up to the ad launch, we implemented a strategic social media build-up with 5 teaser posts:

Course Thumnail I created: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/charoun\\_excelenthusiast-dataninja-learnwithjoy-activity-7080228440594911232-hgwk

Behing-the-scenes photos: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/charoun\\_excel-analytics-datascience-activity-7086761538849574912-YLgi

Movie Publicty Poster I created: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/charoun\\_excel-analytics-datascience-activity-7087838583453073408-cliu

Behind-the-scenes inside look, which I edited: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/charoun\\_excel-analytics-datascience-activity-7089650516661596160-fUj-

The commercial itself:  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/charoun\\_excel-analytics-datascience-activity-7090375290811543552-Lhpf

The response was phenomenal! Audiences seemed to truly enjoy the blend of creativity, humor, and history. Most importantly, Chris was over the moon with how his on-screen charisma shined through.

I’m grateful we took a risk on this unconventional concept. It was rewarding to produce an ad that was both entertaining and educational. Who knew the evolution of spreadsheets could be so fascinating?! My ancient ancestors would be proud.