Intimidating Medical Props & Set Dressing Made Easy

Posted on: August 24, 2023

Intimidating Medical Props & Set Dressing Made Easy

A-1 Medical Integration - Props & Set Dressing for Indie to Blockbusters

Customers of all types have walked through the doors of A1 Medical Integration since they opened in 2009. Set Decorators who fearlessly manage unmanageable budgets on Marvel films, Prop Masters that have met the expectations of perfectionist Christopher Nolan by creating gadgets for Batman, and even those who’ve worked with notorious directors like Michael Bay.  Outwardly nothing seems to scare them, but there is one thing that unites them in fear: They are all intimated when they have to do a medical scene. 

That’s where A1 Medical comes in. 

ICU Room

A1 is a medical prop and set dressing rental house in North Hollywood, CA. They have everything you would need to dress an ER, OR, or ICU. They can provide items as big as a CT Scanner, or as small as an Insulin syringe. Some of the most sought after items in their inventory include: working heart monitors, gurneys, EMT supplies, exam tables, hospital cabinetry, baby bassinets, defibrillators, and much more. And like a medical convenience store, you can purchase all the expendables you need for your scene; from surgical masks to IV bags, inert inhalers and prop placebos.

A1 Medical was born from the hit TV series ER. Prop Master Rick Kerns worked on the show for 15 years, and went through all the growing pains of learning all that needed to go into a show that thrived on such realism. When the show was wrapping up in 2009, he had a vision to open a rental house for the studios that would not only provide the items, but also the knowledge to help customers through their own medical learning curve.

Heart Monitors

Because beyond just our collection of props, A1 is also a resource of knowledgeable employees. Not just helpful sales people, but those who have worked in the trenches like you.  Former set workers like Prop Masters, On-Set Dressers, and Medical Technical Advisors. So, not only can they recommend what you need to make a medical scene accurate, but they can also make suggestions based on what they think will make it all work best for the camera.

Not only can they provide the knowledge, but they can recommend med techs to go on set with you or In some cases an A1 employee can even go on set themselves.  Whether it be to show the actors how to convincingly handle surgical instruments in the ER, or even to brainstorm the best layout for your set dressing. 

On a daily basis, A1 services Hollywood and Southern California shoots. But they also ship all over the country; many of their regular clients filming in New Mexico, Chicago and New York. Most of their inventory are real working medical devices that have been altered to work best and safe for camera. And while their items are not suggested for use in real medical situations, they are still accurate enough to be provided to medical conventions all over the US. So, if they are good enough for the medical professionals, they should be perfect for movies and TV.

Exam Room

A1 provides service to shoots big and small; from Hollywood blockbusters, to budding indie films.  If you are local, feel free to stop by and check out their 20,000+ square foot warehouse. Give them a call, or you can always shop on their detailed website, listing nearly all of their rental and sales inventory,  You can put items into the virtual cart and request prices, they will get back to you within 24 hours with a written quote.

So, if you are in need of medical props and set dressing for your production, have no fear, A1 Medical Integration is here to help