Product Video Pricing


Product Video Production

There are multiple factors to consider when estimating how much your promotional product video is going to cost to produce but typically they are in the $5,000-$25,000 range for the vast majority of our projects. We understand that this is still a really big range and why we ask a bunch of questions to learn more about your specific needs.

Questions to discuss with your Chosen Production Company

Now that you’re ready to begin planning, below are a few good starting questions to help us dial in on a more accurate quote:

Pre-Production (Planning)

– What type of video are we producing?

– Are we coming up with the creative and/or writing the script? Storyboards?

– Is there onscreen talent, if so, are they talking on camera and who is casting them? If not, are we hiring a voice talent?

– Where are we shooting and how many locations? Location scout?

– How many days of shooting?

– Do we need to pull permits?

– Do we need props?

Production (Shooting)

– What crew is needed?

– What gear is needed?

– Travel, lodging & crafty?

– Are we getting any drone footage?

– How about hair & makeup and wardrobe stylist?

Post-Production (Editing)

– What is the length of the final video(s)?

– Can you provide us with examples of similar videos that you like?

– Are we doing any motion graphics or animation?

Takeaways – Determining Product Video Cost

While the cost of product videos typically stays within the $5,000-$25,000 price range, pricing varies because clients have different needs for their videos. Consider the cost of pre-production, production, and post-production when creating your video production budget. Typical costs include planning your product video, filming the video, and editing in any effects.

Still Have Questions About Product Video Pricing?

If you’re still unsure about pricing for your product video production project, please contact us and we will answer any questions. Our team will work to determine the necessary budget to produce a great product video for your company.