I’m a voice actor.  I’ve been doing this since 2013, and fired my boss in 2017 to do it fulltime.  I built a home studio with all the bells and whistles one would expect of a successful voice talent and it is awesome!  I work in all genres of VO, but I specialize in commercials and corporate videos.

I’m a veteran, with over three decades in the US Army Reserve, and was a middle school teacher before I discovered this amazing vocation.

I’ve done commercial spots for everyone, from small-town car dealerships, all the way up to Nike.  Chances are, you’ve heard me!  But your kids may know me from the Five Nights at Freddy’s video games.

Because I’m fulltime, my turnaround is so fast, you’ll think I used a flux capacitor.  I can connect with you in any way known to humankind – SourceConnect, ipDTL, ISDN, Zoom, Skype, you name it.  Heck, one time I did a session for a client using two soup cans and a piece of string.  It sounded kind of “tinny” but we fixed it in post.

Let’s connect!  Email, call, or text.

Studio tour here

Commercial Demo

Automotive-only commercial demo



Audio Portfolio

Andy's Automotive-Only Comme…

Commercial - VO - Dallas, TX

This demo reel features the different styles of LOCAL automotive commercials. If your commercials are a little less in-your-face, then… View the Video

Andy's Promo Demo

Commercial - VO - Houston, TX

My Promo demo reel, produced by CW Demo Producer Harry Dunn. I really like the range of these reads; it… View the Video

Andy's Commercial Demo

Commercial - VO - New Orleans, LA

My commercial demo produced by the one and only Chuck Duran at Demos that Rock! Six different spots showcasing six… View the Video

Take a Tour of the Studio!

Commercial - Music - Dallas, TX

I built this thing, so I'm pretty proud of it! Take a look and let me know what you think!… View the Video


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Male
  • Voice Talent - Multilingual
  • Actor - Male
Secondary Roles
  • Casting


  • Audio Booth
  • Wireless Lavelier Kit


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Andy was the second full-time vo actor that I met when starting out. He continues to have a heart for helping people navigate this industry for beginners, with his vo coaching for beginners. He also is a hit at Comicon as the voice of Butters in "Five Nights At Freddy's". He also a military guy. If you want to be cool with the kids and support our military, Hire Andy!

10 months ago