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Hi! My name is Nat. I’m a full-time, professional voice actress. I specialize in commercials, games, animation and talking toys. Recent bookings include Final Fantasy, Lego, Hasbro and Genshin Impact. I have a professional recording studio with Source-Connect Standard. I received my AFA degree in Theater/Acting under the direction of Deborah Bradshaw.

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Pearson Plus Commercial

Pearson Plus, from Pearson. Natalie voiced this national/international streaming, web and TV commercial for Pearson. Pearson Plus is a new… View the Video

Final Fantasy BE: WOTV - Dar…

A trailer for Dark Fina, recently released in a new updated for the spinoff game of the Critically Acclaimed series,… View the Video

Talking Toy Demo

My talking toy demo, written, directed and produced by Lisa Biggs and Eartoons. Recent talking toy bookings include Hasbro, Spin… View the Video

Animation Demo

My animation voice acting demo, directed, written and produced by Edge Studio NYC. Recent animation bookings include FUNimation, Cyber Group… View the Video

Gaming VO Demo

My gaming voice acting demo, directed, written and produced by Matt Curtis and Chris Sharpes, with J. Michael Collins of… View the Video

Commercial VO Demo

My commercial voice over demo, directed, written and produced by J. Michael Collins of JMC Demos. Recent commercial/corporate bookings include… View the Video


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