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The CSM VO Chateau is your one-stop destination for stellar talent and seamless service! Acquaint yourself quickly with our roster of only the most talented talent below. And contact Martha, our Associate Casting Director, to book an audition or have us help you find the perfect voice for your project – lickety split! Contact:  [email protected]


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  • Voice Talent - Multilingual



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  1. seattlevoiceoverartist

    “Voiceover Achiever.” Book. Get it. Get it now. Read it. Grow. It’s that simple. If you want to market and grow your business well, there is no better book on branding and understanding who you are before you do all that.

  2. Catherine Campion
    Catherine Campion

    Celia serves as one of the most reputable VO managers in the US, with a stable of top talent, with broadcast-quailty studios, working in every genre. She’s been in the game for a long time and can help solve your voiceover problems today.

    Where would I be without Celia? Less clearly branded, for one! For voice talent, “Voiceover Achiever,” is the tool to take your career to the Next Level. Disclaimer: You can’t just READ it…you have to WORK it.

  3. Avatar

    FANTASTIC! If you’re a voice talent and you don’t yet have “Voiceover Achiever”, what are you waiting for? GREAT BOOK! Indispensable to a voiceover career.

  4. blake

    Recently used Celia Siegel Management’s services and booked Gregg to be the voiceover on a Prestige Motors local commercial. Martha was great to work with too!