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A commercial and film director with over 100 commercials and more than 5 feature films under his belt, Romero is known for his cutting edge approach and creative edge that he has applied to top global brands like Verizon Wireless, Sony Electronics and The Lending Tree to name a few.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, George Cameron Romero was born the son of legendary director, George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, The Dark Half) and after attending Thiel College in Pennsylvania. After developing a reputation of being the bad boys of branding, Romero’s Pittsburgh-based agency caught the attention of a direct marketing company, Communifax, who’s owners bought the agency and creative staff and introduced their style to Fortune 500 clients.

Shortly after, Romero was tasked with branching the organization into the world of production and his vision for a brick and mortar motion picture studio in Western Pennsylvania was realized when the doors to Batpack Studios opened in 2004. During his time at the head of Batpack Studios, Cameron helmed two feature films, developed over 50 creative online marketing strategies and campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, directed over 100 commercials for companies like Verizon, Verizon Wireless, The Lending Tree, Cracker Barrel, and Sony Electronics, to name a few, while he worked to give independent, young filmmakers a place to call home.

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George! Great guy, professional and experienced in multiple areas of the business. His passion shows both on set and in his work. I'd work with George any day.

8 years ago