I have been a professional working actor of stage, screen, & voice for several years. Started in theater in the mid 90s and received a Performing Arts degree.  Credits include 3 straight summers of cape Fear Shakespeare, three plays and 2 Best Actor nominations for Thalian Assoc. of NC, among other roles. Lead actor. Supporting character. And more. Began in voiceover in early 2012, trained with Jon Terzis, Talia Gonzales, and J Michael Collins.  I also own and operate my own broadcast-quality recording studio from home. Please see below for more. Existing clients include Verizon, DGU, Coach USA, Megabus.com, Stratosphere Boards, Atlanta Business Video, and more.


Smirnoff Pitch Video                                                        Narrator                                 Rooster NY

Band-Aid Brand Internal Awards Video                       Additional Voices                 Mango Jam JLT

International Motor Works Web Spot                         Narrator                                 Warlock Pictures

Wireless Carrier Industrial/Training Videos                 Narrator                                 Verizon Wireless

Wireless Carrier Sales Training/Industrial Videos      Customer                               Verizon Wireless

MacDuff Parrot educational video                               MacDuff                                 Human Relations Media

“Ryan’s Story”                                                                   Ironman/Tony Stark            Make-A-Wish Foundation

This House Matters                                                          Narrator                                 Dir. Lennon Nerisian

International Motor Works (military spot)                  Narrator                                 Warlock Pictures



Back In The Day                                                           Husband at fight                 Dir. Paul Borghese

Justice                                                                                 Guard #2                               Dir. Rick Apicella

The Bar (web series)                                                        Hot Dog Guy                         Dir. Ken Kaisser

North of the Border (visual script)                                 Peter                                       Dir. Joe Hadden

On The Market (Indie Film)                                            Restaurant Patron               Dir. JP Cashman

Credit Guard of America “Family Business”                                Big Pu$$y                              IP Video Productions

Credit Guard of America “Diner” spot                         Husband                                IP Video Productions

Living With Divorce                                                          Mom’s Boyfriend                 Human Relations Media

Spent Grace                                                                       Scott the Roadie                   Dir. Hebert Peck



Of Mice & Men                                                                 Lenny                                     Browncoat Pub Theater

A Chorus Line                                                                    Marc                                       RCC Players

West Side Story                                                                 Lt Shrank                               RCC Players

The Dining Room                                                              Ben/Carpenter                      RCC Players

Hamlet                                                                                Marcellus/Gravedigger        Ramapo Shakespeare Fest

Macbeth                                                                             Lennox                                   Ramapo Shakespeare Fest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest                                Chief Bromden                     Brunswick Little Theater

As You Like It                                                                     Corin                                       Cape Fear Shakespeare

The Taming of the Shrew                                                Signor Baptista                     Cape Fear Shakespeare

A Wonderful Life: The Musical *                                   Mr. Potter                              Thalian Association

The Merry Wives of Windsor                                         Sir Hugh Evans                     Cape Fear Shakespeare

Little Women                                                                    Prof.  Bhaer                           Thalian Association

You Can’t Take It With You *                                         Kolenkhov                             Thalian Association

Chapter Two                                                                      Leo Schneider                        Antrim Playhouse

Wild Children                                                                    Frankie Donato                    Nyack Village Theater

The Water Engine                                                             Dave Murray                         M&M Library Theater

Blues For Mr Charlie (staged Reading)                         Ellis (and other roles)          Shades Repertoire

*Nominated for Best Actor in a Cameo/Best Supporting Actor for Thalian Association


Primary Roles
  • Voice Talent - Male
  • Post Audio Mixer
  • Actor - Male
Secondary Roles
  • Writer
  • Editor



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