Austin College, Sherman, TX                                                                                                Graduated May 2018
B.A.with Major in Media Studies and Minors in Art, Economics, and Accounting
Academic Awards: Bonnie J. Beardsley Fellowship for Outstanding Student in Communication Studies, 2017, Dean’s list, 2018

Videographer/Editor, Office of Public Affairs, Austin College, Sherman, TX                 September 2017–May 2018
o   Filming all events at Austin College for either archival or commercial purposes
o   Conducting interviews on camera
o   Film original content with the purpose of branding videos to new students
o   Edit to guidelines that represent Austin College brand

Freelance Video/Editing,                                                                                                    March 2016–present
o   Film various jobs mostly in North Texas (although I’ve travelled as far as China) primarily videos of sports, plays, and seminars
o   Write and produce storyboards, scripts, and interview questions for clients
o   Edit and deliver video contents to client in no more than 48 hours

Intern, Business Talent Group, Austin, TX                                                               September 2012–March 2016
o   Upload bio packets and resumes to Salesforce and LinkedIn
o   Managed spreadsheets for formatting errors and track changes monthly
o   Performed preliminary background checks on job candidates

Owner, Exile Skateboard Co., Austin, TX                                                                             March 2010–present
o   Produced hand-made, painted and sealed professional quality skateboard decks
o   Sold decks to skateboard shops in Austin and San Antonio

4DWN (nonprofit skate park), Dallas, TX                                                                              March 2017–present
o   Film and edit skate sessions and events
o   Help with repairs to ramps and facilities
The Point Skate Shop, Fairview, TX                                                                                    January 2017–present
o   Film and edit over half of the shop’s total video content
Austin College Art Shows                                                                                              November 2017- May 2018
o   Had 3 of my own art shows at Austin College including one that stayed up for almost four months
o   Had work shown in the Senior Art Show at graduation as well

Software Skills:
o   >8 years with editing software (Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, and iMovie)
o   >6 years with camera work for both video and photography
o   >2 years with Photoshop, MS Office, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and Quickbooks
Languages: Fluent in English, Conversant in Spanish
Interests: Art, Skateboarding, Chess, Filmmaking

Brett Boessen ([email protected]), Director of Media Studies Program at Austin College
Erin Copple Smith ([email protected]), Professor of Media Studies at Austin College
Jeremy Posadas ([email protected]), Mentor at Austin College


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Primary Roles
  • Editor
  • Color Correction
  • Stock Footage Library


  • Canon
  • GoPro
  • Panasonic
  • Canon Lenses


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