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San Diego to LA Video Production Services, crew and equipment:

Award winning shoots since 1981 with all the best gear and crew for indoor and outdoor productions. Call 619-644-3000

Highly Experienced crew (DP/Camera ops, Sound ops, grips/gaffers, teleprompter ops, etc.) with the Newest cameras (Sony FS7 II’s, many lenses, etc.), sound, lighting/grip and teleprompters (both in front of camera & Presidential)Green/Blue &White screens, etc. and Studio space . Visit our website for more information (Demos, full list of equipment, referrals and more) at for all your video production & stock footage needs ! Call us 24/7 619-644-3000


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:30 second Crystal Pyramid P…

Crystal Pyramid Productions a San Diego based high end video production company since 1981 :30 second "sizzle reel" for corporate… View the Video

Events Demo for Crystal Pyra…

A compilation of clips from various events, conferences, conventions and "green rooms" over the last couple of decades shot, produced… View the Video

Crystal Pyramid Productions …

Crystal Pyramid Productions "Sizzle reel" of 2 minutes show the past work done since 1981 and mostly new projects/shows since… View the Video

Crystal Pyramid Productions …

Crystal Pyramid Productions "demo history reel" of 2 minutes show the past work done since 1981 here in San Diego… View the Video

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Mark is a very helpful and worldly video production professional. He is knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. Recommended!

2 years ago

Speaking as an editor, I have worked with the footage of a wide assortment of camera ops and I'm always so happy to work with Mark Schulze because he shoots with my needs in mind. Want an establishing shot of a building? He provides it in five different ways, using a tripod, and every single second is usable. Compare that with the guy who is rolling while focusing or the camera was on when they didn't think it was, or they thought they were rolling and weren't, and their footage is shaky or blown out and I might be lucky to get one good shot. I highly recommend Mark's work. He's been shooting since 1981, has worked with countless studios such as Inside Edition, Discovery, History Channel, Travel Channel, and the list goes on and on. Because he's amazing.

2 years ago
Patty Mooney

Mark is one of San Diego's top Directors of Photography. He educates the client about the process of video production throughout the process and makes it fun. He is also the guy who invented the first mountain biking helmet cam back in 1987 to share the experience of riding. This footage appeared in the world's first instructional mountain bike video, "The Great Mountain Biking Video.", Mark' been at his craft for a long time, uses all the best broadcast equipment, and he still loves producing and shooting. And it shows in his work.

6 years ago