Acie Coulter

7901 Kingspointe Parkway Suite 2

Orlando FL 32819

Mobile: 407.900.1343

[email protected]




To continue to produce and create outstanding work in the entertainment industry.



Experienced in production from Pre-Production to Post-Production on Feature Films, Theater, Commercials, Broadcast Television and Live shows.  Years of experience in Producing, Directing, Production Management, Camera, Editing and Set Production. Trained and Certified Editor and many other video, photo and audio editing software.

In Audio/ Visual I work as an EIC, TD, Video Switcher, Camera Switcher/ Operator, Tape Op, Graphics Op, and A2. I usually direct about 30 + live shows a year.



2019-2019 Director, “Edge of Life” Film, APHAV

2018-2018 Executive Producer, “Hook Me Up Sam” Reality TV, Focused In Entertainment

2018-2108 Executive Producer, “Music, Cars and Culture” Reality TV

2018-2018 Camera Op, “Nelly, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Juvenile, Lil Davy Concert, Majestic Digital

2018-2018 Producer, Director, “InKozi Infomercial” InKozi, Focused In Entertainment

2018-2018 Editor, “Team Building” Building Homes 4 Heroes – Year 4

2018-2018 Camera Op, “Rosen Hotels 44th Annual Celebration, PSAV

2018-2018 Camera Op, “E-Cam Car Promo” APHAV

2018-2018 Producer, “The Ted Show” It’s Brett TV

2018-2018 Camera Operator, Editor “The Couch Live” The Dope Doctor

2018-2018 Producer, “V2 Energy Systems Promo” APHAV

2018-2018 Technical Director, “IMN Real Estate” Lumens AV

2018-2018 Camera Op, “Internet Millionaire Maker” 2 Market Media

2018-2018 Camera Op, “Winter Park Fashion Show” BEBE by Liz

2018-2018 Producer, “The Madness” Feature Film Focused In Entertainment

2018-2018 Executive Producer, “The X-Stream Team” Studio Media Vision

2018-2018 Technical Director, “Rapid 7 Annual Sales Conference” Rapid 7, Lumens AV

2018-2018 Director, Editor, “Joe Sgro Memorial Commercial” NBC Sports, AMH Cons

2017-2017 Director, Editor “Fix it Fast Commercial” Studio Media Vision

2017-2017 Director of Photography “The first last dance” Jon T. Anderson Prod.

2017-2017 Camera OP, “The Nutcracker” DVW Video

2017-2017 Camera OP, “A Christmas Carol” DVW Video

2017-2017 Camera OP, “The Nutty Nutcracker” X-Treme Dance Academy

2017-2017 Production Manager, “YFNN Lucci Concert” ATM Promo

2017-2017 Producer, Editor, “Chingy Live at Calle Orange”, Full Deck Records

2017-2017 Camera Car Utility, “Allegra Commercial” APHAV

2017-2017 Director, Editor, “Studio SMV Promo” Studio SMV

2017-2017 Director, Editor, “Your Hair, Your Style” Shailene Creates

2017-2017 Director, “Food Trucks in the City” Promo, Vendor Corp

2017-2017 Director, “Winter Park Fashion Show Launch” Bebe By Liz

2017-2017 DP, “A Deep and Solemn Roar” From Memory Films

2017-2017 DP, “APWA Public Works General Session Video”, Edge Factory

2017-2017 DP, “AVN Networking Promo Video” Audio Visual Nation

2017-2017 Director, “Alex and Ani Powerboat Race Promo, Alex and Ani

2017-2017 Editor, “Team Building” Building Homes 4 Heroes

2017-2017 Video TD, “CVC 2017” Lumens AV

2016-2016 Producer, “SMV Promo” Focused In Entertainment

2016-2016 Producer, “Vortex”, Focused In Entertainment

2016-2016 Director, “Me and You” Taz Music Video, Focused In Entertainment

2016-2016 DP, RNNF, Humungous The God, APHAV

2016-2016 DP, Strange Sounds, Maxx Acid Productions

2016-2016 Director, Editor, Lexus of Orlando Promo, Lexus of Orlando

2016-2016 DP, Scandalous Affairs, TV, My Pure TV

2016-2016 Camera Op, Microsoft MGX, LMG

2016-2016 Editor, Building Homes 4 Heroes, Building Homes 4 Heroes

2016-2016 Director, E-Cam Car Promo, APHAV

2016-2016 Video Director, “Orlando Anarchy Football Game”, Orlando Anarchy

2016-2016 Director, Producer Primadonna Magazine Commercial, Primadonna Magazine

2016-2016 Video Director, Pulse Celebration Vigil, Old Town FL

2016-2016 Director, House of Fame 5 MMA, HOF Entertainment

2016-2016 Director, “Breakthrough MMA Event 19”, Breakthrough MMA

2016-2016 Director, “HealthFair New Commercial”, Focused In Entertainment

2016-2016 Video Engineer, APTA, Freeman Audio Visual

2016-2016 Engineer, Macy’s Teacher of the Year, The AV Pros

2015-2015 EIC, V1, Video Switcher, 18 shows so far, Audio Visual Nation

2015-2015 Video Director, Mercedes of Orlando 2015 Promo, King Cade Multimedia

2015-2015 Director, “ 2 In The Chamber, Episode 1” Focused In Entertainment

2015-2015 DP, “Hide your phone away” Shartsville Entertainment

2014-2014 Producer, “The Light” TV Show, My Pure TV

2014-2014 Producer, “Throne Music, My Pure TV

2014-2014 DP, “GYFS”, Shartsville Entertainment

2014-2014 Producer, “CENO” My Pure TV

2014-2014 Producer, “Flesh and Greed”, My Pure TV

2014-2014 Director, “ On Me” Music Video, Focused In Entertainment

2014-2014 EIC (Engineer in Charge) V1 on 20 Shows, Audio Visual Nation

2013-2013 Director, “Reload The Series” Focused In Entertainment

2013-2013 DP, “XS-1” Web Series, Talonted Productions

2013-2013 Director, Camera Op, “Talking with MGK” Video, Sausage Castle Pro.

2013-2013 Director, “Brown Eyed Bandit” Music Video, Shartsville Entertainment

2013-2013 Producer, “Trace Between the Lines”, Shartsville Entertainment

2012-2012 Producer, “Shooting the Shit #2”, Shartsville Entertainment

2012-2012 Producer, “National Associations of Realtors” Event Experts Group

2012-2012 Director, “TASQ”, TV, Focused In Entertainment

2012-2012 Director, “Pop a Lot”, Artist KD, BVL Records

2011-2012 Producer, Classifieds.com, Feature Film, Park Place Productions

2011-2012 2nd Unit Director, Classifieds.com, Park Place Productions

2011-2011 Producer, Winter Special Fashion Show, Focused In Entertainment

2010-2010 Projectionist, “PSSS, Move as One”, Paradise Lighting & Sound

2010-2010 Director, “Purp on Deck” Artist: Mohawk Don, Leger Media Group

2010-2010 Camera Op, Dancing with Central Florida, Spectrum

2010-2010 Producer, “GunPowder Sonata” Feature Film, Rub a Dub Dub Productions

2010-2010 Editor, “GunPowder Sonata” Feature Film, Rub a Dub Dub Productions

2010-2010 Camera Op, High School Football, “Deltona vs Seabreeze”, Brighthouse Sports Network

2010-2010 Camera Op, High School Football “Lyman vs Harmony”Oak Hammock

2010-2010 Camera Op, High School Football “Osceola vs Harmony”, Oak Hammock

2010-2010 Camera Op, High School Football “Hagerty vs. St. Cloud”, Oak Hammock

2010-2010 Camera Op, High School Football “Lyman vs Hagerty”, Oak Hammock Ent

2010-2010 Camera Op, Editor, Moss & Wilson Commercial, Moss & Wilson Law

2010-2010 Audio Engineer, NCSA National Conference 2010, Impact Group

2010-2010 Director, Mojitos Ultra Lounge Commercial, Global Takeover

2010-2010 Director, Caribbean Sunshine Restaurant Commercial, Ledger Media

2010-2010 1st Ad, “Gunpowder Sonata” Feature Film, Rub a Dub-Dub Productions

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “L’Oreal Professional Paris –Iona-“, LDJ Productions

2010-2010 Video Engineer, “Johnson & Johnson Conference”, Reaction AV/Tallen

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Best Shot Golf Videos”, Focused In Entertainment LLC

2010-2010 Spot Op, “Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics: Eastern Conference Playoffs”, Gettings Prod.

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Jamaica vs. Pakistan” Cricket Match, Focused In Entertainment LLC

2010-2010 Video Engineer, “World Robotics Symposium 2010”, LMG

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Medical Equipment Sup” AV Metro

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Generous Giving Conference”, IPG

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Cardiology Dinner Banquet”, Ovations

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “GSA (Government Services Assc.) Annual Show” PRG

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “IDN Annual Conference”, American AV

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “Global Pet Expo, American Pet Products”, PRG

2010-2010 Director of Photography, “Regal Boats Grand Opening 2010”, Focused In

2010-2010 2nd Unit DP, “Night People” Feature Film, Tempest Films Inc.

2010-2010 Video Engineer, “JP Morgan Annual Sales Meeting”, Multi-Image Group

2010-2010 Camera Operator, “ISTAT 27th Annual Conference, Ovations

2010-2010 Video Engineer, “Intersystems Devcon 2010”, Media Stage Inc.

2010-2010 Stunt Coordinator, “Community Partnership for Children “Left Behind”, Shane Harper LLC

2010-2010 DP, Editor, “Wyndham Vacation Resorts Emp. Training Videos”, Wyndham Resorts

2010-2010 Spot Op, “Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks”, Gettings Productions

2010-2010 Casting, Prod. Asst.,  “America’s Got Talent”, Fremantle Media,

2010-2010 Camera Op, “The Prezidents Album Release Party”, Focused In Entertainment

2010-2010 Prod. Asst., “The Dudesons In America”, New Remote Productions MTV

2010-2010 Camera Op, “Motorola Sales Empowerment”, Media Stage Inc.

2010-2010 Prod. Asst. “So You Think You Can Dance”, Dick Clark Productions, FOX

2010-2010 Camera Op, “IBM SE Sales Meeting”, MEC Productions

2009-2009 Camera Op, “Awards Dinner Show”, PSAV

2009-2009 Audio Eng., “AWEA Board of Directors Meeting”, PSAV

2009-2009 Spot Op, “Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks”, Gettings Productions

2009-2009 Director, “Sit your Ass Down” Music Video, D-Rugg Mohawk Don

2009-2009 Director, “F*ck The Radio” Music Video, Fidel Cashflow

2009-2009 Camera Op, “Invega Sustenna Launch”, Tallen Technology

2009-2009 Director, “Justwanna” Music Video, Fidel Cashflow

2009-2009 Director, “A Moment of Truth” Promo DVD, P Villain

2009-2009 Director, “Freaky Girl” Music Video, Fidel Cashflow

2009-2009 Director, “Grown N Sexy” Music Video, Fidel Cashflow

2009-2009 Director, “Change” Music Video, Fidel Cashflow

2009-2009 Prod. Assist, Cam Asst., American Idol Season 9, Fremantle Media, FOX

2009-2009 Photographer, “Pure Cash Magazine” Pure Cash Entertainment

2009-2009 Video Switcher, “KPMG E-Audit”, KPMG

2009-2009 Video Engineer, “SAP Annual Conference Orlando” FMP Productions

2009-2009 Director, “My Mohawk” Music Video, D-Rugg Mohawk Don

2009-2009 Camera Operator, “KPMG E-Audit”, KPMG

2009-2009 Projectionist, NASM, Show Dept. Inc.

2008-2008 Camera Operator, 2008 Annual Conference, Show Dept. Inc.

2008-2008 Camera Operator, Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, Stanco Productions

2008-2008 Camera Operator, “Tony Robbins Experience”, Stanco Productions

2008-2008 Director/Editor, “From Within”, Artist Cre-8, Potency Records

2008-2008 Editor, “7 Mins to Leaner Abs” Inst. Video, Flying Dragonz Prod.

2008-2008 Producer/Editor, “Reel Life” TV Pilot, Focused In Entertainment

2008-2008 Director, “1 & 1/2 Criminals”, Focused In Entertainment

2008-2008 Director, “My Girlfriend”, Artist EV, J& J Entertainment

2008-2008 Director, “Me at My Worst”, Feature Doc., Focused In Entertainment

2007-2008 Producer, “Mo Muzik”, 1 Season, MadFace TV

2007-2008 Producer, “Live From the Streets”, 1 Season, MadFace TV

2008-2008 Director, “For Sheezy”, Artist- K-D, BVL Records

2007-2007 Producer, “Nightlife”, 1 Season, MadFace TV

2007-2007 Director, “Music Central” 4 Episodes, MadFace TV

2007-2007 Gaffer, “Naked Killer”, Feature Film, BayBrook Pictures

2007-2007 Camera Operator, Heinz Ketchup “Oh Yeah” Commercial, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Producer/ Editor, Project Fear Zombie Flick, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Producer/ Editor, Loved Squared, Maxx Acid Films

2007-2007 Director, “Fetus Music” Artist – Heart & Brain, Strangaz Productions

2007-2007 Director, “Major Paper” Artist – Shyheim short film, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Director, “The Narcissist” Artist – Empyrean, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Camera Operator, “Respiratory Awareness”, Metro A/V

2007-2007 Projectionist/Switcher, “Novartis Orlando Seminar ’07, The Wall Comp

2007-2007 Director, “Push Me” Artist – Shyheim, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Camera Operator, “Staples Contract Conference ’07”, MIG

2007-2007 Director, “No Features” Artist – Shyheim, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Director, “Lord” Artist – Shyheim, Focused In Entertainment

2007-2007 Director, “Global Warming”, Feature Documentary, Bottom Up Records

2007-2007 Camera Operator, “Honeywell 2007 Awards Show”, MIG

2006-2006 Producer, Editor, “Whispers From The Grave” Maxx Acid Films

2006-2006 Gaffer, “Murder on the 31st”, Focused In Entertainment LLC

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Poker Night, Somar Productions

2006-2006 Editor, “Directing The Vision”, AV Matters

2006-2006 Projectionist, “2006 Computer Conference”, AV Concepts

2006-2006 Graphics Engineer, “2006 Computer Conference”, AV Concepts

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Fighting Chance Combat Systems Inst. Video”, FCCS

2006-2006 Video Asst., “MSN Online Services Group”, Microsoft Windows Live

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Bikini Zombie High School”, Evergreen Films

2006-2006 Editor, “I’m A Buffalo Soldier- Music Video”, Focused In Entertainment

2006-2006 Director, “I’m A Buffalo Soldier- Black Panther, Music Video”, Focused In

2006-2006 Video Asst., “Jackson Hewitt Conference Orlando 06/Clint Black Show”, LaChance Prod.

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Fighting Chance Combat Systems Seminar”, FCCS

2006-2006 Video Asst, “All State 2006 Conference Orlando”, Thompson Productions

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Winston Show”, Hurricane Entertainment

2006-2006 Camera Operator, “Back 2 Reality”, Hurricane Entertainment

2006-2006 Projectionist, “UPS Management Conference”, UPS

2006-2006 Audio 2, “Three Dog Night Concert Miami”, Production Plus

2006-2006 Video Engineer, “Sony SCEA Playstation 3 Show ’06”, SONY

2006-2006 Editor, “Saber Tazzer Infomercial”, Focused In Entertainment Inc.

2006-2006 Video Asst., “Publix Management Show 2006”, AVHQ

2005-2005 Video Asst., “Willis Show 2005”, AVHQ

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “MTV’s My Town” MTV, Hurricane Entertainment

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “EarthBox Instructional Video”, EarthBox Inc.

2005-2005 Director, Editor, “Sun Awareness Video”, Florida Hospital

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “Pastor Troy Concert”, Upper Level Club

2005-2005 Producer, “Children of the Moon”, Feature Film Hurricane Entertainment

2005-2005 Gaffer, “Children of the Moon”, Feature Film Hurricane Entertainment

2005-2005 Director, Editor, “Reflections of Fear” (Baby Monitor Segment), Focused In Entertainment

2005-2005 Editor, “IRMG Franchise Video”, Feature Length IRMG

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “International Restaurant Management Group Franchise Video” IRMG

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “Wonderful World of Disney, Cinco De Mayo”, Walt Disney World

2005-2005 Camera Operator, “Mardi Gras Queens Casino Videos”, Mardi Gras Queens Casino

2005-2005 Sound Mixer, “The Seminar”, Feature Film Hurricane Entertainment

2005-2005 Editor, “Switch”, Feature Film Sore Thumbs Films LLC

2004-2005 Director, “Switch” Feature Film, Sore Thumbs Films LLC

2004-2004 Director / Editor, “Grupo Mania TV Segment”, Grupo Mania

2004-2004 Producer/Director, “De Todo Un Poco T.V. Series”, DJX Digital Productions

2004-2004 Director, “Quarterback’s Cheerleader” Music Video, Nine13

2004-2004 Editor, “John Tegg for Sheriff Commercial”, Creative Consultant Group

2004-2004 Director of Photography, “Joe Blow”, Crying Zebra Productions

2004-2004 Editor, “African Heritage”, Delta Films LLC/National Geographic Channel

2004-2004 Camera Operator, “Kung Fu Temps”, Extreme Stunt Team

2004-2004 Editor, “A Place Between Heaven and Hell” Feature Film, Hurricane Entertainment

2004-2004 Camera Operator, “Extreme Stunt Team Video, Extreme Stunt Team

2004-2004 Director/Editor, “Vault Featurettes”, Tritan Northstar Entertainment

2004-2004 Production Assistant, ”Elimidate”, Dawn Syndications

2004-2004 Editor, “Ocean Air Enterprise Training Video”, Ocean Air Enterprise

2004-2004 Director, “ Ozone 2 Cali” Music Video, Urban Jungle Empire

2004-2004 Director, “Solid”, Focused In Entertainment Inc.

2004-2004 Director, “G-Unit Promo – Beg for Mercy”, Shady Records/ Interscope Records

2004-2004 Editor, “My Game TV Series”, My Game TV LLC

2004-2004 Director, “My Game TV Series”, My Game TV LLC

2004-2004 Producer, “My Game TV Series”, My Game TV LLC

2003-2004 Editor, “Split Second”, Delta Films LLC

2003-2003 Best Boy Electric, “Split Second”, Delta Films LLC

2003-2003 Editor, “Adir Sentimental”, Focused In Entertainment Inc.

2003-2003 Camera Operator, “Demolition Video”, Central Florida Environmental

2003-2003 Electric, “Newt & Buxley, Valencia Films

2003-2003 Editor, “The Eliminator” Featurette Documentaries, Tritan Northstar Entertainment

2003-2003 Best Boy Electric, “The Eliminator”, Feature Film Tritan Northstar Entertainment

2003-2003 Best Boy Electric, “Drowning”, Feature Film Drowning LLC

2003-2003 Editor, “El Bueno, El Malo y El Feo” Music Video Vico-C, EMI Latin

2003-2003 Electric, “Red light” Laughing Boy Productions

2003-2003 Camera Operator, “Picture Day”, Valencia Films

2003-2003 Camera Operator, “The Last Troubadour”, Blue Angel Productions

2002-2003 Director, “Cutting and Weaving”, Bobby J’s Int. Academy of Advanced Hair Design

2003-2003 Electric, “The Killer Inside”, Dirty Martini Productions

2002-2002 Grip, “Lemonade”, Feature Film, Make a Wish Foundation

2002-2002 DP, New Eden short, Reel Renegades Films

2002-2002 Craft Service, “Space Grass”, Haxan Films

2002-2002 Director/ Editor, “Networking to Success”, BDO Records

2001-2002 Production Coordinator, “143”,BellyJay Inc.

2002-2002 Production Assistant, “Making the Grade”, Brooklyn Star Entertainment

2002-2002 Camera Operator, “Cider Music Video”, Convergence Films

2001-2001 Key Grip, Production Assistant, “Stuck on Broke”, Convergence Films

2001-2001 Grip, “The Lost”, Chris Cannon Films

1999-2000 Research Assistant, N9NE Online Magazine Issues 1-9, N9ne Online

1998-1998 Editor, Camera Op, “Summer Symposium”, Osceola High TV Department

1997-1997 Director/Editor, “Gotcha Beer Commercial” Flying Dragon Productions

1996-1996 Production Assistant, “Falkland Man”, Feature Film Matrix Films, Destiny Studios

1996-1996 Camera Op, Editor, “Chop Shop”, Feature Film, Chalkboard Productions

1995-1995 Camera Op, “Agent 360” Flying Dragon Productions



Primary Roles
  • Director
  • Camera Operator
  • DIT


  • Custom Drone
  • Mavic
  • Phantom
  • Blackmagic
  • Blackmagic 4k
  • URSA Mini
  • Canon
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 60D
  • GoPro
  • Canon Lenses
Grip & Lighting
  • Small Grip Kit
  • Medium Light Kit
  • Small Light Kit
Camera Support
  • DJI Ronin
  • Jib
  • Monitor
  • Monopod
  • Slider
  • Steadicam
  • Tripod
  • Boom Mic
  • Handheld Wireless/Wired Mic
  • Portable Multi-Channel Mixer & Recorder
  • Tascam
  • Wireless Lavelier Kit


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