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You are seeking someone with great skill and passion, and I am ready and willing to step in to make an immediate contribution to your continued success. You need someone who can learn and adapt to tasks quickly, and that is exactly what I am prepared to do. I am more than confident that with my experience, dedication, and passion for entertainment, I will be an excellent fit for your company.
I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production (directing). As a transfer, I was only given two and a half years to complete four years’ worth of courses. With a 5% acceptance rate, only twelve transfers worldwide were accepted into the film production program, and I was one of only two women admitted. During those years, I succeeded in directing three short films, I took on a minor in Film, Media, and Society, completed requirements for Italian, and crewed on dozens of student films. I attained a development internship
for a small lm company where I learned various o ce skills and assistant requirements. After that, I took on a production internship at Blumhouse allowing me to gain expertise in multiple areas of film. Before graduating, I began my career, working full-time, as one of the first few employed at a startup company called, Trending All Day as their House Manager/Producer. We created original content with the biggest influencers in the world from both Instagram and Youtube. Our audience has now grown to a reach of over 40 million people worldwide on both platforms in less than 3 months. This experience has taught me to be a leader, and to understand the importance of being a team player. I have a strong work ethic and an impeccable taste in content. I can promise you that I pick up new roles with ease for I am detail-oriented, creative, and have strong communication skills.
This position would be an invaluable opportunity for me and will be available at your convenience for an interview. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the details for this position and for you to get a better sense of how truly passionate I am towards this industry and your legacy.
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