Don’t Create a Video – Create an Experience!

Posted on: January 13, 2024

Don’t Create a Video – Create an Experience!

My Approach to Video Editing

My teacher used to say, “The good news is, everyone can make a video. The bad news is, everybody can make a video.” So, how do you make videos that stand out?

The solution is to create an experience for the audience that sticks with them and moves them to action.

This goes beyond creating a professional video with all the right ingredients (i.e. music, good footage, graphics, etc.) Take marketing videos, for instance – you’re painting a picture of what it’s like to work with your client’s company, attend their camp, buy their product, eat at their restaurant, etc.


If your client’s message isn’t clear, it’s not effective. Identifying your client’s goals and objectives focuses the audience’s attention on what matters most. The details matter when it comes to comprehension – whether it’s the pacing of the story, the flow of the music, or the readability of the graphics.


Tone. Feeling. Mood. Vibe…whatever you want to call it – emotion is the key element that makes the audience care about the video’s message. This feeling doesn’t have to be profound, it can be subtle – but it can’t be generic! A simple way to incorporate emotion is to avoid corporate tracks that sound like every other company video and instead choose music that reinforces the mood already portrayed.


Showcasing your client’s brand goes beyond integrating their fonts, colors, and logo. It’s their company’s personality and culture that makes them unique and distinguishes them from their competitors. Leaving in those little unintended moments of tears, shrugs, and laughter humanizes a company and makes them relatable to the audience.

Creating an experience while being attentive to the details is my passion! As a freelance video editor with years of experience creating corporate marketing and brand videos, I collaborate with industry professionals to take care of all their post-production needs.

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