The Impact of Educational and How-To Videos on Establishing Brand Authority

Posted on: April 3, 2024

The Impact of Educational and How-To Videos on Establishing Brand Authority

Videos are a powerful resource to help establish your brand, ensure you reach and engage customers for higher traffic, and develop relationships with customers.

Videos are a powerful way to market your brand. In fact, 89% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses for this year, indicating a clear strategy that you should be using if you aren’t already.

Brand authority is a way to establish trust and loyalty with existing and prospective customers. Developing this authority ensures that your audience sees your brand as a subject matter expert in your industry.

Here’s a look at the impact of educational and how-to videos and how they are critical in establishing brand authority for your business.

Benefits of Video for Brand Authority

A well-made, high-quality video for your brand is not only an effective way to communicate a specific message or promote an upcoming launch for a product or offering, but it also helps you reach your audience on a wider scale. Videos are shareable, and people who enjoy what they see are often likely to share it with their friends, family, or followers, which contributes to their impact.

You must ensure that your video content establishes your brand authority. It’s not enough just to have a good video; you must provide the value that your business offers. With both educational and how-to videos, your audience can see how products and services are used and teach them about your specific industry.

1. Educational and How-to Video Content

Creating educational and how-to video content as part of your marketing strategy has plenty of advantages. Many educational facilities utilize these types of videos to promote student engagement, and brands can take note.

2. Shows and Doesn’t Tell

Visual and auditory learners can be aided through these videos, and the video works to help generate hype about a specific product or service that your brand is offering. For example, if your brand focuses on crafting, you could provide an educational, how-to video that demonstrates how to make home decor with its product. Video provides a platform for showcasing your product or service on a more complex level and also establishes a connection with your intended audience. You’re already proving you’re an expert in your niche by showcasing specific steps to educate and demonstrate.

3. Provides Value

The video content allows your brand to convey ideas through visual illustration, and the audience can more easily identify your brand’s value. Paired with an attention-grabbing title and description, you can ensure you’re improving your Shopify SEO for your video to rank.

When you create educational videos that show your audience how your product or service works, it immediately establishes the idea within your customers that you are an authority within your field. Your brand increases its value and provides a non-invasive, safe way to reach your customer from the comforts of home to address their needs.

4. Solves the Problem

Educational and how-to video content is also a way to showcase how your product or offering solves a specific problem that the consumer is facing. Consider the idea that your customer is searching online for a way to fix something – your video could be the answer they are looking for!

Once your audience has discovered that your video content can help provide a solution, they are far more likely to feel a connection and trust your brand. This creates a space for the relationship to grow because you can also develop what other problems your customers face and work to address those as well.

Creating Your Educational and How-To Videos

When your business develops video content for your marketing strategy, you must remember that consumers will be at varying stages of the buyer journey. So, you can create videos that support content from the initial start of getting to know your brand to those who may already recognize and have developed a relationship with your product or service.

If you have it within your marketing budget, it is also helpful to invest in quality equipment and software. You may even want to hire an outside service to help you create the best quality video production for your brand.

Some helpful tips to consider when promoting and showcasing these videos are necessary since even if your video content is valuable and high-quality, you may not always reach the right audience:

  • Embed video links throughout your website, pages, and on other sites within your industry if possible (collaborations through socials).
  • Optimize your videos with SEO to ensure you rank higher by using the necessary keywords and phrases that customers frequently search for online.
  • Share your videos across multiple social media channels and platforms, as well as your primary website and YouTube channels.

Video is an extremely versatile medium that can help establish your brand as an authority in your niche. Video content also has evergreen potential, so it can be repurposed and used for years across multiple channels, which is great for continuing to reach your audience. 

Keep your focus on creating quality educational and how-to videos that resonate and impact your audience. Creating quality video content will take time, practice, and effort, but the payoff is far worth it. Videos are a powerful resource to help establish your brand, ensure you reach and engage customers for higher traffic, and develop relationships with loyal and continual buyers.