The Role of Video in Social Media Marketing Strategy

Posted on: April 27, 2023

The Role of Video in Social Media Marketing Strategy

What is the role of video in social media marketing strategy? We are here to explain everything holistically, so join us now!

A video is a powerful tool for any marketing strategy, especially for social media. Today we want to explore the role of video in social media marketing strategy. We will look at the multiple benefits of using videos to advertise your business and how they reflect on your customers and your business. Furthermore, we will discuss the best ways to implement videos in your marketing approach and maximize success!

Why are videos so powerful?

The main reason videos are the best choice for a marketing tool is that they allow you to tell a story interestingly and engagingly. They can capture the viewers’ attention and accurately present your products. Some of the most significant benefits of video in social media marketing strategy are:

  • Increased engagement
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Better user experience
  • Increased conversions
  • More efficient SEO

Let’s look at how these benefits affect your business and help you build a better connection with your customers. Furthermore, we will see how to use videos on social media to engage with your customers.

Videos increase customer engagement

If we compare a video to an image or a text, there is no doubt that it will be the most engaging of all three. An image or a block of text is static. They never change. On the other hand, videos are dynamic and engage all of our senses.

Furthermore, videos can evoke strong emotions in a way that an image or a block of text never could. Additionally, a customer can only listen to a video while doing other stuff. You cannot do that with an image or while reading something. You need to focus 100%.

Also, on social media, videos will help keep your followers on your profile longer. If they are browsing through a social media feed and looking at images, they can quickly swipe from one to another. However, when it comes to videos, they have to stop and look at it. That action alone keeps them engaged more.

Videos boost brand awareness

This is a big one. The goal of every business is to become a powerful and impactful brand one day. Suppose you are running a company in Monterey and want to move your business to another location. You start looking for services for commercial moving in Monterey, and you see a video on your social media feed. A moving company is advertising commercial relocations, and you can see how a team of experts can assist you in your relocation.

That is a very powerful approach to advertising. Suddenly, you have a full understanding of their capabilities. They even give you a breakdown of prices and offer more information. If you compare that way of advertising to other methods, this one has more chance of attracting your attention.

That is the power of videos. They can influence people’s decisions and help brands convey their message.

Videos improve user experience

When we look at a video as a piece of content with a purpose, it becomes clear why it substantially improves user experience. Just imagine reading a guide about fixing something in your house, trying to install software, or troubleshooting an issue on your computer. While there are perfectly fine textual guides, they usually take more time to understand. And depending on the wording, textual guides may sometimes be unclear or ambiguous.

However, a video guide is very straightforward and useful for beginners in video marketing. It gives you exact steps, and it is not possible to misinterpret it in any way. If people can choose between watching a video or reading text about the same piece of content, in most cases, they will choose a video.

Videos can help drive more conversions

Nothing can beat a compelling and engaging video advertisement in driving conversions. Videos strongly impact a customer, whether we talk about product advertising or customer testimonials. They can convince a user to sign up for a service or a newsletter or make a purchase.

That is a very powerful strategy that will drive conversions. As a result, you will also notice a huge increase in sales.

Videos improve SEO

Search engines love videos, and it is no secret way. Considering how powerful they are and how much they attract the viewers’ attention, it becomes obvious why search engines like them.

Suppose you open a YouTube channel about your brand and create video content. In that case, you will substantially increase your business’s visibility and help customers find you more easily. As a result, more people will visit your website, affecting organic traffic influx. And that will indirectly affect your SEO. More traffic means a higher ranking.

How to efficiently use video in social media marketing strategy

There is a whole science behind creating video content for social media. Following the latest trends and giving the users what they want is crucial.

It is a fact that longer videos are a thing of the past. Shorts are the most popular format for social media. The attention span of the viewers is shortened, and it’s easy to make a video marketing mistake and record a longer video, which will result in losing viewer attention.

Another common trend is to record your videos to loop them indefinitely. That will increase the number of times people watch your video.

Another crucial moment is to add dynamic subtitles to your videos. They help people to watch videos on mute and to understand the context better. Try to emphasize more essential words by giving them a different color.

Video marketing for social media – explained!

As we have seen, the role of video in social media marketing strategy is to engage your customers more. That is the main benefit that will lead to all other advantages of video marketing. Invest in video equipment and create quality video content for social media; your business will go a long way!