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Posted on: November 20, 2023

San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

Project Details

Professional San Francisco Film Crew

Capture compelling interviews with our experienced camera crew. For well over a decade, we have filmed polished, professional interviews for media and corporate clients. Our full-service video production package delivers everything you need for a successful shoot:

  • Primary interview camera on tripod with constant monitoring of shot composition, focus, and exposure
  • Second locked-off wide shot camera for additional coverage
  • Optimal lighting selected for your interview setup and subject
  • Redundant audio setup using boom and lavaliere mics in most cases

Crew Roles

Director/Producer: An experienced interviewer who is adept at creating a comfortable environment for the subject. This ensures that time is used wisely to ask questions that elicit concise and bite-worthy responses. The director also helps to achieve a cohesive piece where the interview content and b-roll footage reinforce each other at every turn. Lastly, a director can help the audience to understand complex or esoteric concepts that the client might take for granted within their industry.

DP/CinematographerCinematography involves using high-end equipment and advanced techniques to create mood, atmosphere, and convey emotions. Our cinematographers will help you create visually stunning and emotionally engaging content that tells a story and captures the attention of your audience. An experienced cinematographer will usually have a keen sense for what will and will not be used in the edit and can prioritize accordingly when given a tight schedule.

Grip – Our grips wear a few hats and are super helpful on set. In general terms they primarily help our DP with setting up the lighting and audio. Using the term “grip” as a catch-all term means they might help swap a lens or set up the monitor or be a spotter while the DP operates a drone. Those duties aside, a grip is primarily concerned with the understanding of a wide array of gear and how to properly set it up to save time, deliver maximum results, and more than anything, be safe. 

Sound Mixer – Sound mixers bring additional mics for multi-person interviews and can also bring extra wireless headphone sets for stakeholders. This person can also play a valuable role in helping the talent feel comfortable for sensitive or intimate mic placement or disinfectant concerns. The gear that a dedicated sound mixer uses may be of a slightly higher caliber than that of a solo Camera/Audio operator. For certain scenarios, this may be important and time-saving.


  • Sony FX6 Camera Package
  • Medium Lighting Kit
  • Full Audio Kit
  • Grip Van
  • Client Monitor
Camera Crew in San Francisco, CA
$5500 / day
The rate is based on 10-hour day.
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Referrals (5)

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5 Stars
Overall rating from 5 reviews
Lori George

From start to finish, BLARE Media has clear vision of what needs to be done and how. I have worked with them on several commercials (as crew and cast), and became acquainted with their office staff. Professionals all the way.

1 year ago
David Gilbert Voice Over Ltd.

FANTASTIC Microsoft rewards video! Excellent quality all around!

2 years ago

Great communication!

3 years ago

Blake from Blare Media and Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego have worked together for many years and always very professional and fun too.

3 years ago

Blake and everyone at Blare Media were very easy to work with on a commercial for 51Fifty, for
which I did the voice over. The commercial looked amazing. Can't go wrong with these guys!

6 years ago

References (10)

San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

Bonnie Marie Williams

Female Voice Talent

Bonnie voiced a promo video for us as well as hosted a few of our Crew Talk webcasts. She is a delight to work with. Her professionalism and speed are top notch, as well her voice skills will make your videos come alive! You won’t be disappointed if you hire this superhero for your next voiceover project.
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

Jean-Luc Slagle


We’ve worked with Jean-Luc on probably 50 projects over the years. We value our organic and relaxed working relationship. We’ve done a variety of types of work with him through his company Scope Studios, but much of it deals with people in real-life situations living through trials, tribulations, and successes. Our work with him usually intends to be fairly naturalistic. Jean-Luc is thoughtful, competent, holistic, talented, and most of all a pleasure to work with.
Rickey Bird

Rickey Bird


It’s always fun to work with Rickey and if there ever was a person that just loved making movies, it’s Rickey. We’ve done lots of narrative work with him and has a relationship both as crew and as producers/directors with him as crew. It’s always great to have a connection with a person through a shared passion and for Rickey, that’s definitely filmmaking. Our very own Justin McAleece even wrote a page or two in his book that you can find here:
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

James Ramirez


James is a fun guy to work with and is always capable of keeping a calm demeanor and a light-hearted approach to the job at hand. We’ve worked with him on a variety of projects and even toured around Virginia with him for a couple of weeks on a shoot for the Virginia Department of Health last year. He’s a talented photographer and lighting technician/gaffer. He’s also a helluva karaoke singer!
Sara Bourbeau

Sara Bourbeau

Head of Production

Sara is a hyper-competent and reliable producer and the co-founder of Windsong Productions. We’ve worked with her about a million times on a ton of different types of projects and have gone all over the country with her and the team at Windsong for well over a decade. The has great taste and attention to detail and can keep a lot of moving parts moving simultaneously. She also knows all the best restaurants!
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

EDC Films

Director of Photography

Evan is a tall drink of water, but he’s quite relaxed and reliable as well. He makes beautiful images and is easy to work with. We’ve had him on set as a grip and a gaffer and Justin even worked with him briefly way back in his college days at CSU, Fresno. He’s talented and has a great eye and hopefully has some good stuff to say about us as well!
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

Matt Jeff

Camera Operator

We've been both on set and off set editing with Matt countless times since ~2017. His easy going attitude and ability to successfully wear many hats makes him a true pleasure to work with. Some clients/projects we've worked on with Matt include: Lowe's, Kiewit Service Awards, Proterra EV Bus, Robert Half Testimonial Videos and a Livestream for Smyle Creative Agency.
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews

Doug Morris

Storyboard Artist

We've worked with Doug since the very beginning (2005) and he's always been a tremendous asset to any storytelling process. Some of the projects/clients we've worked on together include: Better Documentary, California Raisins, Eye Medical Center, AXON & the Blu-ray Disc Association.
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews
We have worked with Leonard for many years now and he's a go to gaffer on set as well as a karaoke superstar off set. A few projects we've worked with him are: Virginia Department of Health, PAC12, Super Bowl-SSC, Alarma Music Video & 183 Degrees-Bellafill.
San Francisco Camera Crew – SF Bay 4 Person Filming Crews
We've worked with Joel on many, many projects (Microsoft, LeanData, Young Wooldridge, Poverelo House, TEDx...) over the last 10+ years. He's an amazing producer and always a delight to work with.

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