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Chris is a blue collar creative in a non-monogamous relationship with all forms of art and expression. He is most recognized as an Actor, Writer and Comedian… Some might say he’s a “multi-hyphenate” but that’s not Chris’ style….. I can hear him saying something more along the lines of “YOU CAN’T BOX ME IN BOBBY!!!” …
He’s light. He’s dark. He’s Wild. He’s Calm. He’s in a leather jacket for one role and he’s the head of an IT start up in the next. That’s Chris…

Never afraid to go against the grain and do things his own way… Chris has recently started an Entertainment company (WHAT’S GOOD ENTERTAINMENT) with the first installment being WHATSGOODYOUTUBE, A Youtube Channel Chris fully operates on his own mostly littered with comedic sketches. The second installment (FOR WGE) Chris wrote, produced, cast, directed, starred in and edited a Feature Film over the summer of 2021…. On top of all that GOOD stuff Chris RAN A LITERAL ACTUAL MARATHON WHILE DIRECTING AND ACTING IN THE MOVIE ALL AT THE SAME TIME…. He means it Bobby… You can’t box him in. The movie is called Marathon Mindset and will be available after it’s Festival circuit sometime in 2022.
Chris has big plans for an eclectic career in entertainment, design, and writing… Acting services, Writing services, and making his own films/products for WHATS GOOD ENTERTAINMENT is at the top of his priorities for the unforeseen future.. Always up to something new, you could almost be certain there is some project that Chris has completely wrapped himself up in until he says.. “it’s Good…”HOWEVER, If you wish to reach Chris you can do so by scrolling down below and sending him an email directly.

P.S. If you’ve read this far this is Chris. It has been him the whole time. He googled how to write a good bio and they said to do it in 3rd person..

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