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16mm/35mm award winning film cinematographer with decades of experience. Owns own equipment.

Since 1999 Third Wave Films has been producing and distributing the work of filmmaker Tom Garber. Encompassing original documentary programming and projects for hire, this body of work exemplifies character driven narratives that engage viewers on an emotional level. With themes that elevate and inspire the human spirit, many topics have been explored in maritime subjects.

The result of these efforts has been Third Wave Films’ ownership of ten PBS and The Discovery Network documentaries garnering top awards, and premiering at eight international film festivals. Additionally, Third Wave Films has authored an impressive body of work screening in some of the nation’s top museums and websites.

Third Wave Films continues to develop projects that push documentary film boundaries by encompassing new technology, exploring alternative dramatic structures, and advancing visual grammar. Filmmaker Tom Garber’s professional inspiration is driven by his desire to promote positive change by engaging a broad audience on inspirational subjects.


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  • Camera Operator



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