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Fresno Drone Pilot


Joshua Salinas is a creative and passionate Filmmaker with diverse styles and knowledge of multiple areas in the different media industry’s. His strength’s include video editing, sound design, UAV/RPAS cinematography and on site shooting. Creative Video Editor bringing 5 years of film and video production expertise to enhance an innovative multimedia team. Dedicated to supporting the creative vision, messaging strategies and execution of multimedia projects. Efficient and self-motivated with an

Drone Pilots in Fresno, CA

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Race Car Reel

Get ready to buckle up and hold on tight, because I've just unleashed a car video that is sure to… View the Video

People's Racing FPV

Prepare to be blown away by the epic and adrenaline-fueled People's Racing Reel, a heart-pounding showcase of speed, skill, and… View the Video

CollabTribe 2023 - Reel

The magnificent and awe-inspiring Collab Tribe Reel, a stunningly creative and visually captivating masterpiece that leaves audiences breathless with its… View the Video

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Additional Drone Pilots in Fresno, CA