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A good story imbues the mind with imagery, emotion and experience; and the spirit with a sense of belonging, hope and grandeur. Stories transcend our reality and can inspire us to be better.

The allure of filmmaking is intoxicating. Good storytelling is like a symphony, and being part of this journey allows me to exercise the emotional, intellectual and technical instruments of my mind. I love what I do and will continue until it’s a wrap.

Cinematography, as a personal expression, is an intoxicating experience. I’ve been committed to cinematography for nearly 20 years. I’m still in love with the craft, as there are no two projects alike. I embrace all of the challenges that come with the responsibility of a DP/Cinematographer, and I absolutely love the collaborative process. Creating movie magic that is uniquely yours, in collaboration with other amazing craftsmen and women, is the ultimate experience. Being a part of such an undertaking has many rewards, but I really cherish the relationships and learning experiences that result from such complex and engaging work.

​From the moment I am hired to the last day of principle photography, being behind the camera is a privilege and something I preserve as a collaborator and storyteller. I am very easy to work with and do well in all situations. I say that with confidence mainly because I have worked with so many personality types, environments and projects. You have to maintain a certain energy throughout the production, and as a DP you have people looking up to you for leadership. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like work to me.

My wife, Kara, and I currently live in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, where we enjoy 350 days of sunshine. Nature and the outdoors is my main escape,… second to watching movies! Nature always brings me back to living a well-balanced life.

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