A Lil’ Joy Kids Voiceovers (Lileina Joy & Lucy Capri)

A Lil’ Joy Kids Voiceovers (Lileina Joy & Lucy Capri)

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Good Day Shoots.Video Team,

Are you in need of A LIL’ JOY today?  We would love to share some with you!

Hi!  My name is Heidi Capri and I am the Creative Director of “A Lil’ Joy Kids Voiceovers,” a Professional Sister-Sister Team made up of the experienced and talented voiceover duo, Lileina Joy and Lucy Capri.  I was referred to you by Mr. Blake Barnett, whom I connected with on LinkedIn.

We would really love to be considered to be added to your roster please  Lileina and Lucy’s JOYFUL, downloadable demos, project videos, director reviews and more, are available on their website: www.ALilJoyKidsVoiceovers.com.  They have worked on films, television series, animated series, national commercials, promos, video games, e-learning projects, audio books, ADR and more.  A client highlights list is available on their website.

On the technical end, our broadcast-quality home studio is fully-equipped (with a professionally built isolation booth, Neumann TLM 102 microphone, Steinberg interface, Apple MacBook Pro, etc.), connected with Source-Connect Standard (our connection has been certified by Source Elements), Skype, Zoom and Phone Patch, and is ready to record in at all times.  Both Lileina and Lucy have been homeschooled for five years (by choice, not necessity ;), have an open availability and can provide a very fast turn-around on casting and production requests.

Thank you again for your time.  It would be fantastic to work with you and your prestigious team!  We hope you have a wonderful and JOYFUL day, and we look forward to possibly hearing from you soon!

Heidi, Lileina & Lucy Capri

Hear JOY @ www.ALilJoyKidsVoiceovers.com

See JOY @ www.IMDb.me/LucyCapri

Follow JOY @ www.Instagram.com/ALilJoyKidsVO


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