I started out as a still photographer working mostly for Hearst Magazines across several of their books. For the last seven years I have been working as a Director and Cinematographer in the commercial world. I have shot large spots for large fortune 100 companies and I have done PSA’s and non profit work. I have a strong understanding of the advertising and marketing agency world. I would say my single greatest talent is understanding how to tell a story, I am a storyteller. I can use that to help a brand, an organization or to be purely creative. There are a lot of people that can make pretty pictures, still or moving but craft of story is a much harder skill to find and one of my strongest.

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Primary Roles
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Photographer
Secondary Roles
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Camera Operator
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Editor


  • Inspire
  • Mavic
  • Phantom
  • Canon 5D
  • RED Gemini
  • RED Weapon
  • Canon Lenses
Camera Support
  • Dana Dolly
  • DJI Ronin
  • Handheld Gimbal
  • Monitor
  • Movi
  • Slider
  • Steadicam
  • Tripod
  • Handheld Wireless/Wired Mic
  • Wireless Lavelier Kit


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