I am a skilled and experienced sound mixer with professional gear.

Gear List:

Sound Devices 688 and SL-6 with timecode breakaway cable, bag, harness, multiple XLR cables Schoeps CMIT5U shotgun mic
Schoeps MK41 supercardioid mic
Sennheiser MKH 416 short shotgun

Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun
Sennheiser ME 66 short shotgun
Electro-Voice RE50B stick mic
Blimp, deadcat, multiple boom poles with boom cradles and C-stands Comteks (IFBs) – one transmitter, two receivers, and headphones

One Lectrosonics R1a IFB
Lectrosonics Wireless (Seven) for lavs or hops – 411a / SRb / SMQV / UM400a Sanken Cos-11d Lav Mics (Five) and expendables
Sennheiser G3s (Three) with stock lav mics
NeoPax wireless transmitter belts
Tentacle Time code sync (Two) for BNC, Alexa, Red.
Denake Smart Slate
Sony MDR-7506 Professional Headphones
Zoom H4n with timecode cable to XLR for mp3 transcription if needed


Primary Roles


  • Boom Mic
  • Handheld Wireless/Wired Mic
  • Portable Multi-Channel Mixer & Recorder
  • Wireless Lavelier Kit


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