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Ragtown Media is a dynamic production company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, dedicated to crafting captivating content in the spaces of television, marketing campaigns, documentaries, extreme sports, and adventure content. We specialize in highlighting companies that make a significant impact. Employing a global storytelling approach, we bring inspiring stories and experiences from around the world to life, delivering knowledge and entertainment creatively and engagingly.

With over a decade of experience, Ragtown Media has earned a solid reputation for excellence in camera operations and film editing. Our diverse portfolio spans various industries, including action sports, live events, luxury planes, car shows, reality TV shows, podcast production, and documentaries. What sets us apart is our unique combination of sports expertise and film skills, allowing us to contribute to truly remarkable projects.

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Guys Trip 2024

Out in Glamis California every year for the last 7 years the biggest offroad companies in Arizona put on "Guys… View the Video

Sage Drive home

Working with EXP Reality, we created this awesome listing video to highlight this beautiful home on the top of Sage… View the Video

Yaser Ali

Yaser is helping people when it comes to someone's family and themselves to make life easier once they have passed… View the Video

Honed Foods

Honed is based in Phoenix and creates top of the line kitchen accessories that are revolutionizing the cooking space. This… View the Video

Tricor Inc 5000 List

Tricor is a large housing and commercial development company that is constructed all around the United States. Worked as a… View the Video

Sip Tail Advertisment

Last year I was the camera operator for this advertisement for a new alcoholic beverage called "Sip Tail" with the… View the Video

Taken By Grace

Was thankful enough to work on this project as the assistant editor, which allowed me to earn an award for… View the Video

Demo Reel

A mix of some of my favorite videos I have created over the last 365 days. This has videos from… View the Video

OUTLIT 3 - San Diego

This contest was created by me and my business partner Will Cashion under our media company Undialed. I did not… View the Video

Construction Drone Video

Flew my drone around this construction site over the course of a few weeks. Figured I would put it all… View the Video

The Forgotten Community - Me…

On July 8th, Will and I (Clayton) flew to Guadalajara Mexico to meet the core Mexican scooter community. A community… View the Video

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Anchor Productions
We are working together on 7x project documentary, where 10 athletes completed 7 marathons, 7 skydive/base jumps, 7 cold plunges in under 168 hours. Also have worked on filming interviews, training and marketing videos for Path AI

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