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Your business needs quality video content to stand out in today’s digital landscape. But finding reliable video production partners can be an overwhelming process. That’s where we can help. With decades of experience and a nationwide network of trusted professionals, Shoots Video simplifies high-quality video production. With Shoots Video’s self-service marketplace, you can browse and directly book from our roster of local production companies as well as freelance cinematographers, camera operators, audio mixers, and video editors for your project.

Self-Service Marketplace: Book Video Production Companies Directly

Creating powerful videos is crucial for today’s businesses. But hiring professional cinematographers, videographers and production crews can be complex and costly. That’s why Shoots Video provides an all-in-one platform to easily book talented local production companies and freelancers for your video projects.

When it comes to finding the perfect video production company or freelance video professional, our marketplace offers a seamless experience. Here’s how you can connect with top-rated cinematographers, camera operators, video editors, and more:

  1. Post your project details: Simply provide the specifics of your project, and local crew and talent whose skills and experience match your needs will respond with their availability.
  2. Browse video services, profiles and portfolios: Take control of your search by exploring our extensive database of video professionals. You can view their profiles, portfolios, independent peer-to-peer referrals, and client references to find the perfect match for your video needs.

By utilizing these features, you can easily find the right video professional who aligns with your vision and requirements. Whether you prefer to receive responses from interested freelancers or take the reins and search for the perfect match yourself, our marketplace provides the tools to make the process efficient and effective.

When you book on Shoots Video, you get:

  • Direct access to skilled local production companies and freelancers at affordable rates
  • Complete creative and technical oversight of your production
  • Secure online payments and contracting
  • Project monitoring to ensure first-class service
  • Support from our production experts whenever you need it

With Shoots Video, you have a dedicated video production team at your fingertips. Tell us about your brand story and goals, and we’ll suggest the ideal creative talent for the job. We even assist with briefing your selected vendor or freelancer to capture your vision.

Book a production company or freelance pro today on our self-serve platform, and let Shoots Video help deliver stunning videos that command attention. No middlemen, no extra fees — just hassle-free hiring for your next video project.

With local talent joining daily, you’ll always find professionals eager to bring your script to life. Get started now to connect with video creatives and take your content to the next level.


Top Video Production Agencies, Video Marketing Professionals, and Video Editing Studios  offering their Services

Austin, TX Production Company – View reviews for BLARE Media, JWill Design Studios, Top Pup Media and other video production companies.

Chicago, IL Video Production – Video service providers such as LJ Audio Productions and All About You Media, as well as reviews of other production company resources.

Dallas, TX Video Production Company – Marketing videos, commercials and other video styles from top production resources…Checkout their reviews.

Denver, CO Video Production – Rocket House Pictures reviews, Snowy Peak Films reviews, BLARE Media reviews…

Fresno, CA Video Production Company – Fresno, California is a hidden gem when it comes to video production services, videography, and filming locations. With its versatile landscape and close proximity to Los Angeles, the central valley is an ideal place to film.

Houston, TX Video Production – Houston, Texas is a great place to create. It has a lot to offer and is one of our favorite places to film. The city has a rich culture, and something new and exciting is always happening. Houston is home to some of the best production studio options in the country, and the city has a long history of supporting the film industry.

Las Vegas, NV Video Production – Las Vegas is known as the entertainment business capital of the world, and for good reason. There’s always something going on, which makes it a mecca for video and film production and fertile ground for companies wanting to associate their brands with the other “city that never sleeps.”

Los Angeles, CA Video Production Company – Los Angeles Video Production: From the home of the Los Angeles Lakers in Downtown L.A. to the hub of major production studios in the San Fernando Valley. Aspiring filmmakers have been flocking to LA since the early days of the Los Angeles film industry, drawn by the city’s sunny weather and its reputation as a mecca for movie-making.

Miami, FL Video Production – View reviews for Ball Media, Trueba Media, C&I Studios and other video production companies.

New York, NY Video Production Companies– New York Video Production Company: View reviews for BLARE Media, Indigo Productions, Flow Production and other NYC video production companies.

Phoenix, AZ Video Production – If you’re looking for film and video resources in Phoenix, Arizona, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Portland, OR Video Production – View reviews for Kelly Hicks, BLARE Media, Photold Pictures, Jeff Wirth and other video production creatives.

Sacramento, CA Video Production Company – You don’t have to have a Kings-sized budget like the team does to make powerful videos. To produce beautiful visual tales at an inexpensive price, connect with top-notch local companies for your video marketing needs.

San Diego, CA Video Production – View reviews for BLARE Media, Crystal Pyramid Productions, Summitt Filmworks and other video production companies.

San Francisco, CA Video Production Company – San Francisco is a city that has been the backdrop for many film and video productions. The most famous landmark in this area? Without question, it’s got to be The Golden Gate Bridge!

San Jose, CA Video Production – View portfolio and reviews for Justin McAleece, Mauricio Tapia, Matt Jeff and other video production professionals.

Seattle, WA Video Production Company– View reviews of video production agencies such as Bakerbuilt Works, BLARE Media, Victory Studios and other video production resources.


Why Choose us as your go to video production company resource?

At, we understand that finding the right video production partner can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive resource directory, connecting you with a curated network of talented and reliable video production vendors from around the world.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose as your company’s go-to resource for video production needs:

1. Extensive Network: Our directory features a vast selection of video production vendors, each carefully vetted to ensure they meet our high standards for quality, professionalism, and expertise.

2. Diverse Specialties: Whether you need a corporate video, commercial, social media content, music video or any other type of video production service, our directory has you covered. You’ll find vendors specializing in various genres and styles to suit your specific project requirements.

3. Competitive Pricing: By partnering with, you gain access to a range of video production vendors offering competitive pricing for their services. This allows you to find the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

4. Verified Reviews: We understand the importance of transparency, which is why our directory includes verified reviews from past clients. These reviews provide valuable insights into each vendor’s work ethic, communication, and overall performance, helping you make an informed decision.

5. Personalized Recommendations: Our team at is dedicated to understanding your unique project needs and providing personalized recommendations for the most suitable video production vendors from our directory.

At, we take pride in being a trusted resource for businesses and individuals seeking professional video production services. Our goal is to simplify the process of finding the perfect partner for your project, saving you time and effort while ensuring exceptional results.

Explore our directory today and discover the talented video production vendors we have carefully curated. Our team is always available to assist you in finding the ideal match for your vision and budget.

What video production company services are offered by the vendors on our platform?

At, our curated network of video production vendors offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your video needs. Whether you’re a business looking to create compelling corporate videos, a marketer in need of eye-catching commercials/brand videos, or an individual seeking to capture special moments, our vendors have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Corporate Video Production:

Many of our vendors specialize in creating high-quality corporate videos designed to elevate your brand’s image and effectively communicate your message to your target audience. From product demos and explainer videos to company profiles and event coverage, our vendors have the skills and experience to produce professional corporate videos that resonate with your viewers.

Commercial Video Production:

If you’re looking to create engaging commercials that drive sales and brand awareness, our directory features vendors with expertise in commercial video production. They can help you craft compelling narratives, incorporate stunning visuals, and deliver a powerful message that captures the essence of your product or service.

Social Media Video Production:

In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful platform for businesses and individuals alike. Our vendors offer specialized services in creating captivating social media videos that are optimized for various platforms, ensuring your content stands out and resonates with your target audience.

Event Coverage:

Capturing the excitement and energy of live events requires a special skillset. Our vendors are equipped to handle event coverage, from seminars and conferences to weddings and celebrations. They’ll ensure every special moment is preserved with professionalism and creativity.

Documentary and Storytelling:

If you’re looking to share a compelling story or document a particular subject matter, our vendors can help bring your vision to life through engaging documentary-style videos. They have the expertise to craft narratives that captivate viewers and leave a lasting impact.

Animation and Motion Graphics:

For those seeking to add an extra layer of creativity and visual appeal to their videos, our directory includes vendors specializing in animation and motion graphics. They can create eye-catching animated videos, infographics, and dynamic visual elements that enhance your message and engage your audience.

These are just a few examples of the video production services offered by the talented vendors in our directory. With their diverse skills and expertise, our vendors can tackle projects of varying scopes and complexity, ensuring that your video production needs are met with professionalism and creativity.



Corporate Video Post-Production with Voice Talent

Video Editing
$5700 / project

Top Los Angeles, CA Production Company Services

List of Peer to Peer Referrals of the Top Los Angeles, CA Video Production Companies and Professionals


Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company Partner

"From start to finish, BLARE Media has clear vision of what needs to be done and how. I have worked with them on several commercials (as crew and cast), and became acquainted with their office staff. Professionals all the way." - Lori George
"FANTASTIC Microsoft rewards video! Excellent quality all around!" - David Gilbert Voice Over Ltd.
"Great communication!" - [email protected]
"Blake from Blare Media and Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego have worked together for many years and always very professional and fun too." -
"Blake and everyone at Blare Media were very easy to work with on a commercial for 51Fifty, for which I did the voice over. The commercial looked amazing. Can't go wrong with these guys!" - sjpace2
"BLARE Media is a client-focused corporate & commercial video production company concentrating on the development of powerful and creative videos in Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Dallas, Austin as well as all throughout the Country. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to achieve the specific goals and/or target markets of each individual client. From image acquisition to final deliverables, we bring the best equipment, software, and industry-proven workflows to every project with one thing in mind: to produce great-looking content for our clients. BLARE Media is experienced in servicing a wide range of clients and project types, including TV commercials, feature films, shorts, content for web streaming, corporate training videos, trade show loopers, and even Hollywood red carpet interviews. We like to be a total camera solution for your project. Our rates for the gear are competitive with most LA houses but since we only do wet rentals, we include a Director of Photography with every package. How It All Started BLARE Media was formed in 2005 by filmmaker and technology buff Justin McAleece and entrepreneur and marketer Blake Barnett. Their mission was to create the best quality video productions possible for local businesses that did…"
Read more about BLARE Media

C&I Studios

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company Partner

"C&I is more than a production company. We are an idea agency. From working with you to conceptualize your campaign to actually executing it with our team of creative professionals, our goal is to meet your goals–and exceed them. We make every video production, every website, every photography campaign, and every branding project more empowering and effective than ever before."
Read more about C&I Studios


Video Production

Primary Roles

AnimatorProduction Company Partner

"Synima combine video and animation production seamlessly to deliver top-quality work at a very reasonable price. They were consistently professional throughout the six week schedule, including post production. Highly recommend these guys." - [email protected]
"Synima is a leading global video production company, delivering award-winning video production and animation solutions. With offices in Los Angeles, London, New York, Amsterdam, and Zurich we proudly serve our diverse clientele across various sectors, including Healthcare, Finance, and IT. At Synima, our customers return to us time and again because we genuinely care about their businesses. Understanding your communication objectives and target audience is at the core of our approach, enabling us to deliver productions that reflect your brand values and tell the story you want to convey. We’re not just a production agency, Synima is your trusted media partner, ensuring that your vision is realized with unparalleled dedication and artistry. What makes our Los Angeles production agency different At Synima, our customers return to us time and again because we genuinely care about their businesses. Understanding your communication objectives and target audience is at the core of our approach, enabling us to deliver productions that reflect your brand values and tell the story you want to convey.  We’re not just a production agency, Synima is your trusted media partner, ensuring that your vision is realized with unparalleled dedication and artistry.  Animation Production Studio – Corporate & Commercial Content…"
Read more about Synima

Primary Roles

Camera CrewStock Footage LibraryProduction Company
"The best in the west for worldwide "New & Unique Video" content 619-644-3000!" - Crystal Pyramid Productions
"New & Unique Videos is a great place to get stock footage from the world over as we have worked with them since 1985. Very highly recommended !" - Crystal Pyramid Productions
"New & Unique Videos is San Diego’s first and largest stock footage library since 1985. We offer an extensive stock footage library of contemporary shots from around the world, i.e., people, cities, countrysides, mountain biking, beaches, sunsets, aerial, underwater, Steadicam, and much more. We also provide custom footage. Since 1981, our affiliate company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, has offered full video and film production services, from concept to completion, including animation, editing, narration, music, duplication and packaging. Archival to Contemporary Clips New & Unique Videos stock footage library is a one-of-a-kind collection of contemporary and archival images from around the world, including original masters shot on 16mm Film, Betacam SP (1989 -2009), 3/4 ” (1977 -1990), 4K (2015 – present) HD (2004 -present), DVCam (2001-present) and 16 mm film (1954 -1976). All tapes have been logged into a keyword-searchable format (Filemaker Pro) with paper back-ups. Over the last three decades we have collected stock footage in many different locations of many different topics, thus increasing the scope of New & Unique Videos’ collections. We have also added the formats of High Definition and 4K to our offerings. New & Unique Videos has San Diego and Southern California clips that reach back…"
Read more about New &Unique Videos

Primary Roles

Post ProductionPre ProductionProduction Company
"Altered State Productions is a video production company and digital marketing agency that provides branding, video editing services, graphic design, email marketing services, SEO services, advertising, affiliate, & more."

Primary Roles

Video EditorCamera RentalProduction Company
"We originally founded In the Wee hours back in 1997, mostly to promote our incredibly popular, rapid-fire word game Thinking is Drinking®. In fact, our first home served as a place to turn to, late at night, or early in the morning, just to hang out, to explore, and discover. Our very first commercial campaign in 2001 featured kids attempting to apply some rather puzzling facts to their everyday lives, often to humorous effect, for the New Jersey State Aquarium. That television campaign landed us three ADDY’s, including Best of Video for “Breathe”, and we’ve been winning awards for our work ever since. Centered on high creative standards, low overhead, and multifaceted talent, the next iteration of our company went on to produce first-rate narrative projects, collaborating with fresh, up-and-coming talent, as well as compelling ad campaigns for various creative shops across the country, often serving as the entire in-house production department at smaller ad agencies. Projects ranged from a single-day shoot with Ryan Seacrest for Coca-Cola and a trip to Germany to shoot Roger Federer for Wilson to an extraordinary nine-day shoot with a cast of hundreds for Transamerica and a week-long trip from New York to New Bedford,…"
Read more about In the Wee hours

Primary Roles

Camera OperatorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"Dan Hertzog graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in May 1991 with a BA in Cinema-Television Production. From there, he rapidly worked his way up from a production assistant in LA to an ad agency producer in New York City. He moved back to Los Angeles in January 1996 only to find himself crisscrossing the country countless times to freelance at a handful of ad agencies, including FCB, Bates USA, Grey, and Ogilvy.  Then, after more than ten years in the ad industry, Dan returned to the world-renowned AFI Conservatory to immerse himself in the study of more narrative, visual storytelling. He went on to receive his MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute in December 2004. His AFI thesis film, THE PASSAGE OF MRS. CALABASH, was later honored for Artistic Achievement in Cinematography at the 2006 Emerging Cinematographer Awards. After graduating, Dan continued to occasionally freelance as a senior and then executive producer at Ogilvy & Mather in LA. His many years of hands-on experience in both production and post-production eventually led to stints consulting for ad agencies interested in building out their in-house production capabilities; shooting tv commercials and web content for dozens of brands…"
Read more about dan hertzog

Fine Print

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"We are Fine Print, a creative production team. We move at the speed of social. Putting heart into every project, stitch after stitch, curating little details to craft big stories. It’s in the fine print."

Primary Roles

Post ProductionPre ProductionProduction Company
"Huffman Creative is an award-winning production studio for your biggest ideas. We partner with brands, agencies, artists, and storytellers to create cinematic campaigns with speed and efficiency. Our family of services covers the full scope of production, from Creative Development to Production, Post-Production, and Media Partnerships. Whether you have your own team or need us to take care of it all, we offer a highly individualized approach to what works best for you."
Read more about Huffman Creative

Primary Roles

Post ProductionDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"Spekulor is a premiere production services company providing a variety of services to the creative industry from production office space, studio space, producing and editing services to camera, grip and lighting rental. We are focused on creating a community of filmmakers and fostering the development of Independent feature and commercial productions. We have produced 4 Feature Films, 2 television series and over 100 short form projects. Spekulor has the capability to provide production and post production services to any sized show, whether network episodic or a large feature film. Also the Spekulor has produced many music videos and commercials working for some of the biggest names in the advertising and music industry. Our client roster includes broadcast and cable networks, such as NBC, BBC, Discovery, MTV, E!, Bloomberg TV, FOX,HBO,iHeart Media and tech companies such as Mashable, Yahoo, Google and others. Our philosophy is to tackle interesting characters and gain access to unique worlds, telling stories that resonate with a wide range of audiences (both domestic and international), as well as niche markets. Whatever the medium, we produce programs that entertain and captivate viewers."
Read more about Spekulor Creative

Primary Roles

Production Company
"Enfant & Poulet is a Mexico City-based production company that operates globally. Whether working on a narrative film or a commercial project, our commitment to telling stories with passion, curiosity, and integrity enable us to create quality content and to connect people in meaningful ways. For our international clients, we offer comprehensive production services in Mexico, Latin America and beyond. Our reliable team of production experts has years of experience in the film and advertising industries, working on a wide range of projects, including narrative feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and branded content. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow the best practices to ensure the execution of your project on time, on budget, and to the highest global standards. ‍ Understanding that every project is unique, we collaborate closely with our clients to offer tailor-made solutions, whether acting as a local fixer or taking care of every aspect of the production so that you can focus on your creative vision. Our production services include: BUDGETING AND PRE-PRODUCTION PLANNING CREATIVE CONSULTATION LOCATION SCOUTING EQUIPMENT RENTAL CASTING CREW HIRING AND MANAGEMENT MULTILINGUAL TEAMS (ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ETC.) LOGISTICS AND CATERING OFFICE SPACE PERMITS INSURANCE POST-PRODUCTION SERVICES A popular destination for audiovisual…"
Read more about Enfant & Poulet


Video Production

Primary Roles

Camera CrewPost ProductionProduction Company
"Glitchbox is a full-service multi-media production company that produces small to large events ranging from intimate fundraisers to large annual conferences with over 5,000 attendees. We specialize in planning and designing the video production of immersive recurring corporate events including on site presentations, conferences, award shows, galas, live performances, festivals, trade shows, and much more."
Read more about Glitchbox

Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorProduction Company
"Professional Video Production Services Video production company specializing in creating videos for businesses and brands – corporate video production, promo videos, testimonial videos, event videos, social media production, recruitment videos, brand story videos, commercials, music videos, and more. IT STARTS! Media offers professional video production services that will help your business grow. These services can range from a variety of types of video content and are customizable to meet the individual needs of each client. Based in California, serving Nationwide. Specializing in high-quality video production services tailored for businesses and brands, we excel in crafting compelling testimonial videos, dynamic recruitment videos, immersive event coverage, authentic brand storytelling, and captivating commercials and interviews, and other business videos, you name it! Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge editing techniques, our seasoned team of videographers and editors brings your vision to life, helping you effectively communicate your message and engage your target audience. Elevate your brand’s digital presence with our visually stunning and strategically focused video content. Our most rewarding aspect in the video production landscape is collaborating intimately with businesses of all sizes—from emerging startups to established enterprises—to meticulously tailor and execute their visual narratives. We derive immense satisfaction from taking a brand’s…"
Read more about IT STARTS! media

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"We’re a team of creatives operating under a pretty simple belief: there’s nothing like a great group of humans combining their talents, perspectives, and passions to make something worthwhile. Collectively, we cut our teeth directing on film sets in the Texas heat, traveling the world shooting music videos, and honing our creative strategy and production chops across agencies in New York City, Austin, and Los Angeles. Today, we’re a full-service production company. Whether projects are video, print, digital, experiential, or broadcast, our team handles every detail of conception, production, and final deliverables. From developing music videos to branded content campaigns, we get our kicks executing an eclectic variety of work. The faces behind Pan Up came together out of shared experiences, unparalleled technical prowess, and a unique know-how and enthusiasm for developing high-quality work. Though we’re based in NYC, Austin, and L.A., we’ll gladly hop on a plane and meet you anywhere."
Read more about Pan Up Productions

Primary Roles

DirectorProduction CompanyLine Producer
"We’re an award winning, full service production company working with commercial brands, agencies, TV networks, and film production companies. Our director, Julianna Pitt, has been accepted at an Oscar-qualifying festival."


Video Production

Primary Roles

Studio SpaceTalent Casting AgencyProduction Company
"Hyperion is a full service production agency creating cutting-edge editorial and advertising content for brands across the globe. Headquartered in Silver Lake Los Angeles, along with offices in New York City and Miami, the team has produced video and image campaigns around the world and has assembled a strong roster of photographers, videographers, editors, stylists, and model agencies committed to excellent results and seamless delivery."
Read more about HyperionLA

Primary Roles

Camera CrewProduction CompanyAerial Video Company
"Filmatik Production is a creative agency that produces well-built, tailored films in sectors where digital communication plays an essential role. We produce content for companies, TV channels and production companies.Our two agencies in Los Angeles and Paris offer a production with shortened processes with a narrative power in each of our achievements with controlled deadlines and above all no limits. We thrive for excellence. We are the new generation of production companies. We are united and guided by the same desire to create exciting and original work. We carry out various production in 2 sectors of activity: video communication for companies, agencies and brands (corporate films, advertising, digital content, photo campaign…) and also documentaries and reports for international TV channels. To bring your ideas to life, we organize and produce, in-house, all the steps necessary for the creation of your film. We have a studio equipped with the latest post-production technology equipment to edit your video."
Read more about Filmatik Production INC

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"Afrang Media Productions LLC stands out as one of the top providers of video production services in San Jose, California. Specializing in corporate videography and photography, the business operates out of Monterey Salinas and caters to a wide range of clients, including those seeking coverage for weddings, commercials, interviews, promos, music videos, and more. The company’s reach extends beyond Monterey, with services available in Salinas, San Jose, San Francisco, and other cities across California. Afrang Media Productions LLC is staffed by a team of skilled and experienced videographers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, male and female actors, and voice talents who utilize various techniques and editing abilities to capture the most special moments throughout each event. With over ten years of experience in the field, the company is committed to delivering a product that clients will cherish for years to come. Their photography and videography services are diverse and comprehensive, covering everything from weddings and live events to corporate functions and product photography and videography. Additionally, the company provides promotional videos, interviews, conferences, documentaries, tutorials, training, music videos, and much more. Whatever the need may be, Afrang Media Productions LLC has the expertise and resources to create high-quality content that exceeds…"
Read more about Afrang Media Productions LLC

Primary Roles

DirectorProducerProduction Company
"We are seeking a skilled cinematographer/DP for a two-week ultra-low budget feature film, shooting in Houston, Texas, in the second or third quarter of 2024. Film is an American tragedy about a lottery win gone bad. Would like to utilize artistic shots that manipulate moods and emotions. Please share links to your narrative cinematography/DP work, and let us know if you own gear or rent. Appreciate your time! Thank you!"
Read more about Wins and Losses Production

Primary Roles

Location ScoutShoot LocationProduction Company
"Vast Experience Los Angeles/Orange County, Vast Experience Palm Springs and the Desert, California Locations , Las Vegas & Southern Nevada Experience, Las Vegas Boulevard and Casinos Contacts & Experience, Macintosh Proficient, Four Wheel Drive Vehicles for Desert & Off Road Scouting, Offshore Boat for on Water Scouting and Filming, Large Production Experience, Over 200 Commercials and 50 Features/Television Productions, Stills and Print Productions … Have Excellent Location Crews in place – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Palm Springs ​Commercials/Videos/Features/Television/Content/Event/Live Productions Work with Several Top Location Managers/Scouts Vendor & Crew Referrals Union & Non-Union Excellent Scout ~Experience in Locations~ Teamsters Local 399 – Hollywood 01/2007 – Present Location Manager/Scout Commercial Roster & Feature/Television Roster"
Read more about Rich Bokides

Primary Roles

Production Company
"What is The Sinematic Pineapple? A juicy, kind, tantalizing, and professional video production company in New York City and LA. Want more? We produce television commercials and content that is sweet to the core, and effective too! Everyone loves the pineapple and this Sinematic pineapple loves everyone – you included. We work with everyone on your team to make sure their vision is brought to life on-screen. Whether you’re looking for a TV commercial or a promotional video, the Pineapple team, from concept to final delivery, got the juice. Lights – camera – let’s make sweet magic together."
Read more about The Sinematic Pineapple

Primary Roles

Production Company
"J. Dominguez, With over ten years of experience in video production, I am confident in my ability to deliver high-quality content that aligns with your vision and goals. My skills include concept development, directing, filming, and post-production editing. I am a great listener and communicator, and I understand the importance of working closely with clients to ensure their vision is brought to life. I am also a strong leader who can manage projects from start to finish, ensuring deadlines are met and budgets are adhered to."
Read more about Dom Digital Media

Block Of Joy

Video Production

Primary Roles

Video EditorProducerProduction Company
"Block Of Joy is a full-service video production house with a passion for bringing stories to life on both the big and small screen. We provide end-to-end production services to the entertainment industry, commercial sectors, and independent filmmakers from all around the world. A desire to tell compelling stories and a love for filmmaking is at the heart of what we do, allowing us to produce quality content that leaves a lasting impression for you and your audience. We love cinema and our passion for it lives within our company’s ethos. Our high-standards and dedication to the craft of filmmaking are just a few ways we continue to provide quality motion picture, sound, and video production services to our clients year after year. From a humble origin, working out of our garage in East Hollywood, we’ve since grown into an award-winning production studio creating content across all film, television, and digital platforms."
Read more about Block Of Joy

Primary Roles

Production Company
"Voltan Studio is a Virtual Art Department and on-site integrators on Augmented Reality, Virtual Sets, and XR projects. Our team of skilled artists, engineers, and production experts collaborate to meet our clients’ specific needs. We will work closely with you throughout the entire production process to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning virtual set for a film or TV production for a green screen shoot. You need us to create a fully branded AR experience for broadcast. You are looking to take your production to the next level by shooting with a XR LED wall. Voltan Studio has the expertise and technology to make it a reality. What we do: • Augmented Reality • Virtual sets for XR and green screen productions • Creative design, content, and production"
Read more about Voltan Studio

Primary Roles

ProducerProduction Company
"With 10+ years in the business, we understand stories and how to create them. With a presence in LA & London, we can take productions across the world. We produce incredible projects and help scale production infrastructure within companies and organizations. Working with some of the world’s largest brands to help them discover their next big idea, making sure their story gets told."
Read more about Slightly Pretty

Primary Roles

DirectorDirector of PhotographyProduction Company
"Ben Dolenc is a filmmaker, director, and producer based out of Ventura and Frazier Park, CA. After a career as an outdoor athlete, where he was in front of the lens, Ben jumped at a chance to move to Los Angeles and learn the world of broadcast television. Producing over 18 television shows from American Idol to Ax Men for networks like NBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic, he found his niche creating content that documents the relationships surrounding complex characters like bush pilots, loggers, and fishermen. Ben opened the Bowsprit Company a small production company in 2011 that he directs commercials, short films, and branded content through. Bowsprits clients have included Toyota, Lululemon, Red Bull, and Suzuki. In 2017, Wilshire Studios (NBC) tapped him to develop a television show around the New York Times best-selling book What Doesn’t Kill Us. He is currently in production on a festival short film about two DIY land sailors who broke the 100 mph wind speed record mark in a garage-engineered hand-built land yacht named the Iron Duck."
Read more about Bowsprit Company

Primary Roles

Production AssistantVideo EditorProduction Company
"I have been in the industry for 6 years, working in development, independent features, Studio Physical Production, and short form/commercial for web. My experience covers office and set work, production and post. I’m a reliable team member and a fast learner."
Read more about Danny Wagner

Primary Roles

DirectorVideo EditorProducer
"Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Director, Editor. Branded Video & Social Media Content | TV/Film Production Proven talent for capturing brand value with visual story telling that resonates with demographic-specific audiences. Background includes large commercial/entertainment industry and broadcast programming projects; collaborated with influencers to develop and produce strategic content for major consumer brands. From development to Postproduction. Fluent in English & Spanish."
Read more about Valagardo Productions

Film Dreams Inc

Video Production

Primary Roles

DirectorCamera OperatorDirector of Photography
"I am a Director/DP from Puerto Rico. I’ve been a Local 600 Camera Operator for 8+ years and have worked in many Narrative Features as well as Music Videos, Commercials and TV (scripted and non scripted) I also have written and directed 6 award winning short films. My production company Film Dreams Inc. is fully insured and we have RED VRaptor Camera Package as well as lighting for all filmmaking purposes"
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Justin Hill

Video Production

Primary Roles

Camera OperatorProduction AssistantAssistant Camera
"Trained at PABOOTCAMP.COM. familiar with all terminology for production, paperwork, set etiquette, and radio. Engaged as an ongoing production assistant with Livingnotes photography since 2017. Experience with all types of cameras, lenses, and props for sets. Background Extra with central casting Sugar (TV), I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Disney New Year’s 2023 Special, Unnamed TV Series by APPLE TV, Unnamed TV Series on Peacock. Osmo Youtube Commercial – Camera Operator FunkAway Social Media Ads – Photographer/Camera Operator Google HUB Social Media Ads – Production Assistant Disney Princess Social Media Campaign – Production Assistant Netflix Christmas Chronicles Social Media Campaign – Production Assistant"
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Primary Roles

DirectorProducerDirector of Photography
"Multi Nominated and Award Winning Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Gaffer Producer twenty six feature length movies, and hundreds of short form content pieces. Owner and Manager Snakebyte Productions and Entertainment Group, LLC DBA: Snakebyte Productions, founded in 2014. Published Novelist I own and shoot on the Arri Alexa 35 and Alexa Mini LF cameras. I own only top end, industry preferred, glass and support in multi-tiered redundancy. I operate a 4000 sq ft studio facility with 50′ infinity cyclorama, and 30×30-4×4 LED automated lighting grid. We house an 1100 sq ft production center at the facility, which includes a private and secure edit bay and media room. There are two MUA stations and a large backstage and wardrobe, as well as two 10×12 rollup doors accessing both backstage and the main stage. There is a 300′ backlot alley way. Good sound attenuation for sound recording. Snakebyte also inventories over 20 tons in grip and electric as well as electrical distribution and power generation. Snakebyte maintains a modern production vehicle fleet, capable of off-grid services. Snakebyte also provides Insurance umbrellas, compliant payroll services registered in 24 states, and is a national and international film services provider."
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Jordan Berns

Video Production

Primary Roles

Camera OperatorVideo EditorDirector of Photography
"Jordan has a hands-on approach to every area of video production since he is passionate about everything creative and has a good eye for developing original material. He is a natural storyteller with a director’s eye for detail and performance. Jordan has worked on award-winning projects in video production, television, and other film industries. Jordan is always motivated by the goal to produce the best possible content and quality. A few of his accomplishments include producing five seasons of Africans In Sports, a talk show turned documentary series about African athletes around the world; editing Outside The Valley, a feature documentary on tech companies operating outside of Silicon Valley; and post-producing the documentary short Pursue Dreams Deferred, the story of how Lisa Clayton became a ballerina at 50 years old."
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Lauren Lukacsko

Video Production

Primary Roles

Video EditorProducerLine Producer
"I have been a producer for nearly 10 years now – Proficient in union and non-union commercial and film production – I’ve built a wide arsenal of vendor contacts from production companies, to directors, agencies, crews, and talent – Experience in budgets from 20k-1M – Proficient in SAG and non-union talent negotiations and contracts – 5+ years as a line producer working on union and non-union sets. – 10+ years as an agency producer from bidding through delivery of project – 2 years as freelance exec producer for production companies – assisting in director/talent management and job acquistion – 4 years as post producer – 5+ years of editorial experience in premiere and after affects. Strong story telling and light animation experience"
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